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Oct 16, 2006 07:55 PM

Sunset Da Mona Lisa - Cabo

looking for opinions on this Restaurant, which I've eaten at when it was Da Giorgio's.

It'll be my Mom's BDAY dinner...and she's a bigger food/restaurant snob than me!!

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  1. I've also eaten there when it was da Giorgio's. The view and ambience made up for any deficiencies in the cooking, which I thought was so-so.

    Please report back the latest at da Mona Lisa.

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    1. re: yummytummy

      The meal, service and ambiance were excellent. Not excellent was the drive to get there. They're demolishing the old Missiones Hotel and lets say it was a little "touch & go" getting there.

      I had a marvelous main... shrimp coated in a lime herb marinade the perfectly grilled atop a trufle risoto.

      1. re: TulsaNoah

        What a combination... intuition would say that lime & trufles would clash, but it sounds like they worked perfectly.