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Oct 16, 2006 07:55 PM

El Yunque and Old San far

Was at the lovely Casa Flamboyant in El Yunque. Fabulous b and b with splendid views, lovely accommodations and the best breakfast with local fruits, local breads and fresh juices. Not many dining choices on the mountain. Villa Floris featured fried chicken and pork and mafungo. Delightful people, cheap 1.00 USD beers and 20.00 for two with beers, dinner and pina coladas. The next night was not worth mentioning.

Lunch at La Mallorquinna was a disaster. First clue NO ONE in the dining room which by the way was lovely..crisp linens and well dressed polite staff. We asked for recommendations and tried the garlic shrimp and the yellow rice and shrimp. Both priced at 18.00 came with a spoon sized side of canned peas with the yellow rice and a 1/2 cup of red beans with the garlic shrimp. Both were tasteless. The rice was crunchy having been reused/reheated panfried. It was the rare time I passed and only at the shrimp. 52.00 with tip. BLAHH..

Dessert and coffee at La Bomberera. Super custard cream filled pastry and coffee for 3.00 USD. WOW...

Dinner tonight at Dragonfly..will report.

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  1. Dinner at Dragonfly was amazing. The Latin Asian Fusion style works..the setting is like a bordello, red, smoky and works ..tight tables but worth it. Our waiter Javier was WONDERFUL. The Mongolian Beef was lovely with crispy nan like tortilla. The rock shrimp tempura tacos were sublime. I liked the pork dumplings well but the other two choices shined. 84.00 for two with two wines, a Pellegrino and 3 tapas. SUPER. Dessert was Grand Marnier Creme Brulee at Carlis Cafe. SUPER...LOVE OLD SAN JUAN.

    1. I'll be in SJ in December for New Year's. Please keep posting your trip report.

      1. I cannot comment in SJ in general only Old San Juan. Breakfast at La Bombaner on San Fransisco was nothing short of great..old style charm, locals galore, fresh brewed piping hot Puerto Rican java, fresh squeezed OJ, fresh fruit plate, hot buttery Mallorca's...haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..