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Oct 16, 2006 07:53 PM

yu chun in koreatown (review with pics)

one of my latest favorites, ever since the world cup, has been yu chun in koreatown for chilk naengmyun. even with the weather getting cooler, i'm still tempted to go every couple weeks or so. that broth is just too full of flavor! according to my korean friends (and to poster meowmixx) yu chun is an institution of sorts; i go to the one on 6th and alexandria, altho there's supposedly a better one elsewhere in ktown (sorry meow, i tried to go to that one, but all i ended up at was the empty lot where the ambassador hotel used to be!)anyway last time i had naeng myun i took some pictures. enjoy!

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  1. yummm....Yu Chun...

    lol the Ambassador hotel? hmmm, where did I tell you it was? lol!

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    1. re: MeowMixx

      hehe in your ktown recs thread you said 7th and kenmore... which would have been squarely in the basement of the abandoned hotel it seems!

      1. re: rameniac

        lol. Biggest apologies for the misinformation. I know it's definitely on 7th. Why did I say Kenmore..... I think I was thinking Kingsley and Ardmore. lol. Again, my apologies. Next time I'm in the area, I'll get the exact address for you.

        1. re: MeowMixx

          there's one on Olympic & Serrano (NEC). I think that's the main one. next to everyone's fave... Sa-rit-gol.

    2. Great report.

      Did you try their dolsot bibimbap?

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      1. re: ipsedixit

        ah haven't tried the dolsot there. is it good? i've been less than impressed with the other food there besides the naengmyun. the kimchi dumplings are too huge and not very flavorful imho. the very first time i went i had the spicy naengmyun (sans broth) and it was just meh. it's all about that slushy broth as far as i can tell, but maybe i'll give the bibimbap a crack one of these days.

        1. re: rameniac

          No, never had the dolsot.

          Like you, I've never found much to crow about at Yu Chun (incl. the naeng myun).

          Maybe I'll have to give the naeng myun another shot sometime.