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Oct 16, 2006 07:53 PM

Brooklyn Chowhound in town this saturday night...can't miss solo dining experience?

I'm going to be in Boston (surprisingly for the first time) this Saturday night. While the girlfriend has some work related event, I figured I'd treat myself to a nice solo dinner.

Can anyone recommend a can't miss place that works well for solo dining? Preferably some place I can feel comfortable alone.

I'm into every type of food from sweetbreads to vege buffalo wings. As long as it's amazing and suitable for solo dining, please let me know.

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  1. Here are some good solo dining spots where you can eat at the bar. Very nice food and comfortable. Don't know where you are staying, so here are a bunch of locations:

    Metropolis in the South End, Boston
    Harvest in Harvard Sq, Cambridge
    Central Kitchen in Central Sq, Cambridge
    Neptune Oyster in North End, Boston (small place. so go early!)
    B&G Oyster in the South End, Boston
    Butcher Shop in the South End, Boston


    1. - Chez Henri in Cambridge at the bar :) search the board, but this is a standout (get there early!)
      - Eastern Standard in Kenmore has a v. nice bar/feel (leave the Yankees hat at home :)

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        Second Chez Henri -- work the detour to Cambridge -- walk n on Mass Ave from Harvard Sq about 10 min if taking the T -- good bartenders, great cocktails, and delicious food -- but it does fill up quickly to eat at the bar.

        Central Kitchen is another very good choice, also in Cambridge -- great scene, wine by the glass, and friendly service with delicious straightforward bistro food. The bar is much larger and wider.

      2. Gargoyle's in Davis Square is an easy five-minute walk from the Davis Square stop on the Red Line. Great bar atmosphere for solo dining.

        1. More suggestions:

          - Bar at No. 9 Park (close to downtown; Italian/French)
          - Bar at Via Matta (Park Plaza area Back Bay; northern Italian)

          Both upscale interesting experiences where you won't feel uncomfortable dining solo. Both serve great cocktails as well.

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