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Oct 16, 2006 07:28 PM

Detroit: meal before concert near Fox theater

I am looking for a great dinner before the Killer's concert in Detroit on Wednesday (at the State theater).
We are looking for something relatively near by that won't require us to be dressed to the nines as we will be going to a general admission concert! We'd prefer not to end up at the Hockeytown since we've been there before (it's been awhile but none the less).
We like all kinds of food! Any suggestions would be fantastic!
PS Any great bars to hit after would be appreciated too!

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  1. Try the Elwood. One block away, renovated old diner (it was actually moved from its original location on Woodward), good food. ( Last ate there a couple years ago, but when I did it was great.

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      thats my suggestion too. very convenient to the fox for sure.

    2. I would also suggest Small Plates at 1521 Broadway St. ( or Oslo at 1456 Woodward Ave. for dinner. Small Plates serves tapas-style small plates which are quite tasty (BBQ chicken pizza was good as were the veggie spring rolls, tuna melt, and fries) and Oslo is a really good sushi restaurant. As for bar suggestions I would try either the State Bar (right next door to the State Theatre) or the Town Pump Tavern (100 W. Montcalm Street). Have a good time!

      1. small plates is just ok.
        detroit brew co next door is ok, too
        chelli's chili - nice bar with typical fare

        i suggest that you try "the woodward" in the compuware building, about a quarter/half mile south of the fox. kind of a progressive feel about the place. nice menu that has basics and takes some chances. prices are decent. i have been there for lunch a few times and have really enjoyed it.