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What's your favorite pressure cooker recipe to share?

After years of hemming and hawing, I just ordered a pressure cooker (Fagor stainless steel, 6 qt).Having never used one, I've been reading up on technique, but I could use some first hand recipes that are tried and true. TIA

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  1. Any long braised recipe will work. Pressure cooking does diminish herb and spice flavors, so I usually add more after cooking.

    1. If you like short ribs, you might consider this recipe from Epicurious for Short Ribs with Asian Flavors, one of our favorites but I don't add the prunes and I DO brown the ribs before putting them into the cooker. (Well, I actually brown them in the cooker, drain off any oil and then add the sauce ingredients.) It's important to trim off as much fat as you can from the ribs prior to cooking.


      1. Use this risotto recipe as a jumping off point for all kinds of wonderful risottos. This alone makes having a pressure cooker worth its cabinet space.


        1. Not so much a recipe but an observation. My spaghetti sauce tastes much more integrated when cooked in a pressure cooker over low heat and pressure.

          1. Here's my basic pressure cooker recipe. It serves two for dinner or 4 as a side. I sometimes substitute split peas for the lentils and farro for the rice. If you use farro increase the water a bit, or presoak.

            1/2 C rice
            1 C lentils
            2 C sliced carrots
            3 C of stock or 3c water + bouillion
            1/2 tsp basil
            1 clove garlic, peeled
            1 T olive oil
            grated parmigiana or romano cheese

            Put everything in the pot, bring to a boil then bring up to pressure. for about 10 minutes.

            1. I love cooking steel cut oats in my pressure cooker. They are just the right consistency when you do it like this.
              Here's the link for a recipe on McCann's website:


              I usually double this recipe, store it in a tupperware bowl and reheat however much a want with a little milk.

              1. Good for you! A pressure cooker is a joy forever and adds that spicy touch of danger to your cooking.

                I love my pressure cooker for quickly cooking chicken soup that tastes like it's been simmering all day - in 40 minutes. Get your aromatic veggies ready in a mise en place, cut up carrots and onions and whatevah, saute in oil in the pot. Add a whole cut up chicken or a pack of thighs (don't worry, the skin and bones will come loose after the cooking, and you can fish them out then). Fill with chicken broth, perhaps a sliced, squeezed lemon and herbs of choice. Set that thing to rocking and then carefully, carefully, after the pressure valve has fallen (you can hasten this process by placing the whole cooker in the sink and running cool water over the top 'til it gives a satisfying, hissing sigh and the valve retracts) remove the top, fish out afore-mentioned undesirables, and then perhaps stir in that cup of cooked rice you've been keeping in the freezer from your last Chinese takeout. Season - you're in the soup!

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                  ohmygosh! finally someone who understands a pressure cooker, mise in place, whatevah, fishing out skin and bones, the hissing sigh of the cooker placed under running water and Chineese takeout leftovers. Your recipe is great.

                2. The other day I had a slab of spare ribs cut across into thirds by the butcher. I separated them into "riblets" and marinated them in a Ziploc bag overnight in about half a bottle of "Soy Vay Chinese Marinade" (I'm sure something similar can easily be made with some hoisin sauce, soy sauce, cooking sherry, ginger, etc., but I wanted something very quick). Next day dumped it all into the pressure cooker, cooked at high pressure for half an hour, quick-released the pressure and it was a delicious weeknight dinner over rice. My 5 year old ate over a dozen pieces.

                  Chicken Cacciatore is good too. So is chicken with bottled BBQ sauce if you're in a hurry... Pulled pork... Risotto... Chicken soup...

                  I have some lamb shanks in the fridge that I'll probably be cooking in the pressure cooker tomorrow.

                  After having both arms severly scalded about 5 years ago in an accident with a conventional pressure cooker, I switched to an electric one and it's been safe and easy since then.

                  Lorna Sass has a couple of good pressure cooker books out if you need more ideas!

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                    The electronic programmable ones are the bomb. I've never used a stovetop model. Nor do I have any desire.

                  2. I purchased my pressure cooker from the local thrift store last month. I bought a stove top model for $6 and love it. Just be sure to check the rubber seal under the lid. This was to replace a similar stove top pressure cooker that I bought over 20 years ago at a thrift store. They last forever if the seals are replaced every few years.