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Trying to find - Warm Apple Crisp - or similar dessert - around Arcadia

Trying to be nice to the boss on boss's day - and trying to find a Warm Apple Crisp or something similar (no chocolate suggestions!).

Know any bakeries or restaurants around the area that might have it?

Looking for something nearby that I can pickup within a 5 minute drive or so (sierra madre, monrovia, arcadia preferred).


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  1. I don't recall any notable bakeries in the area. You may wanna check with Peach Cafe (which has some pie-y fruit dessert every now and then), but otherwise- probably Trader Joe's off Huntington in Monrovia. G'luck


    1. Julienne in San Marino makes seasonal cobblers to-go.


      1. How about Claim Jumpers in Monrovia on Huntington Drive. I remember they had that deep dish apple pie. Or any other desert as big as his head.

        1. There's also that Kelly's Coffee & Fudge in that shopping center mall next to Macaroni Grill on Huntington Drive.

          I know you said no chocolate but they have baked items there too.


          1. Kelly's has been closed at that location for awhile now. It's currently occupied by Taisho.

            1. I think Robbins has a good apple or berry cobler. Robbins is in Pasadena, but in close proximity to Sierra Madre (located on Rosemead north of Foothill).


              1. I suggest Peach Cafe - they do fantastic berry pies. Ask for the bumbleberry (at least 4 different berries) if they have it. They also offer other great desserts, including lemon bars, the sin bar, raspberry bars, premise-made biscotti, and smaller cakes.

                1. For peach cobbler, I recommend "Big Mama’s Rib Shack" on north Lake, in Pasadena. It's just a bit further than you'd asked for, but it's the best peach cobbler I can recall having ever eaten. Rich fruit / flakey crust / generous portion / modest price.

                  1. For bakeries in Arcadia, you should really try the Chinese ones. JJs in the Din Tai Fung plaza off of Baldwin has great cakes and very beautiful too! There is a bakery in the Arcadia Supermarket plaza off of Duarte that has great fruit tarts that are cheap.

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                      Unlikely any of those places will serve anything close to an apple tart though (tends to be too sweet for Chinese preference)