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Oct 16, 2006 07:13 PM

Xtasis in Jackson Heights

This is the new Columbian burger place on Northern Blvd near Natives. It's decorated in bright pinks, whites, and televisions and plays dance music. I had one of their "super burgers" which may sound gross when I describe it but it was amazing and over-the-top. Grilled burger on a good toasted bun, topped with cheese, ham, lettuce, tomato, onions and crumbled potato chips. Also tried a sandwich there which looked like ropa viejas on Cuban roll which was also very good. This place is fun and open late and very different from anything else in the neighborhood.

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  1. That place is insane. Be aware of the insanely salty Mango salad thing that looks refreshing but actually will make you thirsty as hell

    1. We tried this a while back, and am considering a return visit. Any insight into what's good here? It's a varied menu, and all we tried were the burgers.

      On last visit, my wife had their super burger, which I found to be unususally tasty - it had the apparently standard crumbled potato chips, along with a not-too-sweet barbeque sauce.

      I was in the mood for even more adventure, and ordered some sort of hawaiian burger with potato chips, ham, pineapple, along with more traditional burger toppings. I was hoping to have one of those "I can't believe this is actually good considering what's in it" moments, but ...ehhh. It was unique, but can't say I'd order it again.

      The burgers themselves are significantly big. I can't really comment on the quality of the meat itself, as all of the condiments tend to mask any beefy flavor.

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        i've been a few times, and think that they do their thing well. however, in order to like their product, you need to like sweet and sugary sauces on your burgers (which i don't.) but that's the style their aiming at, and i think they've pretty much nailed it. also, the place up the street, perrado de chalo, is very similar. i think that both are trying to recreate the urban, late night fast food joint that you find in big latin american, particularly andean, cities.

      2. Amazing, delicious place! I have had the "Hamburguesa Super CaraqueƱa" a couple of times and tasted a few other items (not crazy about the "hawaiian" items). I really have to ask, though, why is a place with items called CaraqueƱo, "from Caracas" and also typically Venzuelan items like arepas "Reina Pepiada" referred to as Colombian? Isn't this joint "un restaurante venezolano"? Just asking.

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          DISCLAIMER: The first time I heard of "hamburguesa hawayana" i wanted to barf. The thought of pineapple mixed with all these thing on a burger made me sick. After having many of Chaolo's burgers, I have never been disappointed, the one time I strayed, eating from XTASIS, I learned my lesson. Chalo's or bust.

          I totally disagree. This place is horrible. My best friend is Colombian, from Cali (spelling?), he is all about La Perrada De Chalo, so am I.

          We have never strayed from Chalo's, been going for years. In fact every time people come over and we don't cook, we order Hawayanas. Normally people think the combination of ingredients sounds repulsive, until they consume it that is. 99 percent of people who indulge in this monstrosity become full fledged converts after the first bite. Tonight Chalo's had no delivery guy, so we called this place instead, against my friend's advice. BAD MOVE.

          The hawayana was horrible. Usually we get the Full Equipo (Hawaian + Bacon) at Chalo's, we thought it would be a safe bet at Xtasis, not the case. The pineapple topping was more of a paste placed on top of crumbled bootleg "Ruffles have Ridges" potato chips. The bacon was cooked, if you could call it that. The beef patty, quit the opposite, a perfectly unseasoned hockey puck. The queso had little to no flavor. The lettuce was wilted, the tomato, not fresh. There was no "pink" sauce to speak of. The garlic sauce non-existent.

          The freedom fries, treasonous. They came in an egg roll bag so soggy you would think someone walked with them in the rain. The fries showed no evidence of ever being crisp on the outside. They barely seemed like the were cooked in the middle.

          I would avoid this place like the plague.

          1. re: telaforbin

            Just adding place info ...

            82-12 Northern Blvd, Queens, NY 11372

            La Perrada de Chalo
            83-12 Northern Blvd, Queens, NY 11372

        2. Xtasis is definitely not different from "anything else in the neighborhood," no offense. La Perrada de Chalo which is about two blocks away was around long before Xtasis, and I also might add is much better.
          When I originally went to La Perrada and was told to order La Hamburguesa Hawayana, the idea of pineapple and potato chips in my burger sounded disgusting. However like many others as well as someone else who replied in this feed, the burger was absolutely delicious.
          I gave Xtasis two chances after it opened. At the time I went at least, the food was slightly more expensive and just simply worse than La Perrada. The hamburger was dry and all the food was just lacking in comparison.
          Honestly, they need the bright and flashy flourescent pink lights to attract attention because when it comes down to it, La Perrada de Chalo's food is much better. The only food that seemed to slightly be able to compete were the cubanos.