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List of Fruit Hybrids?





Page (grapefruit/tangerine)

Tangelo (tangerine/grapefruit)

Seedless watermelon - hybrid?

Blood oranges - hybrid?

Yellow kiwis - hybrid?


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  1. meyer lemon: I believe its a cross between a lemon and a tangerine? correct me if i'm wrong

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      Unknown, but it's thought to be a wild cross between a lemon and a mandarin.

    2. Ugli fruit is a hybrid of tangerine and grapefruit. Is Page similar?

      Loganberries are hybrids, too.

        1. Doonesberry. It was developed by Ben and Jerry's scientists for an ice cream of the same name. It's a cross between a gooseberry and a dingleberry.

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              Lmao a dingleberry is dried poop stuck to the hair of an elephants butt.

            2. My dad used to bring blood oranges back from Persia in the 60s. They are not hybrids.


              And I'm sure there are more than three kinds, despite what wikipedia says. When we lived in Europe in the 60s, I don't recall any Spanish or Italian blood oranges; they all came from across the Med.

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                This page lists three families of blood oranges (search or scroll down to "Pigmented Oranges") from Sicily, Spain, and the Middle East, each with numerous variations.


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                  I recently noticed that one of my mom's neighbor's orange trees was in fact a blood orange tree. It must have been there since the 60's or 70's.

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                    Blood Oranges are a hybrid, so are other oranges.

                    The only actual species of Citrus fruit are:
                    Key Lime
                    Mandarin Orange
                    Australian Limes

                    All others including the grapefruit and orange are hybrid of these.

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                      After the stepdad of a good friend died, we were helping out with the estate sale, which was happening just as his collection of mostly citrus trees had ripening fruit by the carload, along with loads of fresh blooms. One of the trees was a tangelo that was next to a blood orange, and the first thing we noticed was the large number of active bees visiting both. I started opening up some tangelos, especially the ones that hadn't developed the usual hump, and sure enough – streaks of red in some, deep blush in others, some amazingly sweet but all with a great fragrance and lovely tanginess.

                  2. I've seen grapples marketed, but it's actually just an apple scented with grape. pretty lame.

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                      I bought 4 of these for a very high price without reading the packaging properly. Ended up Googling and realizing it was just regular old apples that had sat in grape juice for a bit (and, to me, tasted of apples, not grapes or grape juice).

                    2. seedless watermelons are hybrids but not with some other fruit. it's hard to explain but in a nutshell, they cross 2 watermelon lines that have different numbers of chromosomes which makes the progeny sterile meaning no seeds to spit out.

                      the word hybrid here is kind of misleading. that word is used to describe any variety with heterogenous parents and that will not "breed true". there is probably a better working definition but i'm too lazy to look it up. most of the fruits and vegetables you eat are hybrid varieties, unless you shop at farmers markets which tend to have more open pollinated varieties.

                      here you seem to be asking about hybrids between species. A famous one that I"m surprised nobody has mentioned is the boysenberry (cross between blackberry, raspberry, loganberry)

                      1. are Clementines a hybrid?

                        wwhat about nectarines?

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                          Clementines originated as a chance seedling discovered by a priest in Algeria. It's
                          parentage is likely pure mandarin orange.

                          Nectarines originated as a mutation of peaches, not interspecific hybrids between
                          prunus species.

                          1. Bananas? The seeds cannot reproduce.

                            1. Wolverine... a cross between a wolf and a tangerine??

                              1. Oh, that good ol' hybrid vigour!

                                1. I'm told that the tangelo is an orange-grapefruit cross, I remain doubtful. But it's one of the very best orange colored citrus fruits I've ever had. Really rich, sweet, and tart all at once. I used to sneak across my next door neighbor's back yard to swipe some of the guy on the other side's tangelos. They never ate that many of them, and it's a sin not to eat fruit that good. BTW my next door neighbor didn't mind