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Oct 16, 2006 07:03 PM

Lunches near the Nokomis Area?

I'm excited to be back in the Twin Cities this coming November. We moved to Florida a few years ago and miss our old city. I'm going to be there on business, doing some training around Bloomington and 46th. Nokomis is one of the neighborhoods I'm pretty unfamiliar with, and I'm looking for some lunch advice. I have one hour on each of three days I'm in training. What are the best spots?

Something within walking distance would be great, but I'm not opposed to getting in the car, either. Also, what are the best places to walk in the area?

I've done a search and have seen that Hot Plate was mentioned quite a few times. Also I saw posts on Firefly, Cliquot Club and Al Vento.
What's the inside scoop?

Thanks in advance for all your chowish wisdom! Anytime you're in Ft Pierce Fl, I'll be happy to return the favor...

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  1. Those are probably your best choices in the area. Slightly farther away are Fat Lorenzo's Pizza and the 5/8 Club, both on Cedar Ave just south of the lake at Hwy 62 (the crosstown). You would have to drive.

    Fat Lorenzo's serves good pizza by the slice at lunch, and service is quick. Caution - the subs are huge! And for dessert treat, they serve gelato.

    The 5/8 club has one of the city's famous Jucy Lucy's (no comment on whether it's the best - that would be a different thread). They also have a walleye basket and serviceable onion rings. Caution - this place is popular at lunch and gets very busy, especially at the end of the week.

    A "new" place in the area is Bagu Sushi. New in the sense that they've started serving lunch. They are at 46th & Chicago, not too far away. Haven't been yet; they're on my list for this week or next.

    Enjoy your trip!

    1. I'm not sure if Al Vento is open for lunch. It's probably the best restaurant in the area.

      Hot Plate does a decent lunch. Fireflly is across the street from Hot Plate. I haven't been there yet.

      If you go about five blocks east to Cedar, you have several options, including Carbone's Pizza (good, greasy thin-crust pizza) and, further south, Fat Lorenzo's and the 5-8 Club.

      Go about nine blocks west to Chicago, and you have several different options, including Pizza Biga/Turtle Bread (Neapolitan pizzas, and a selection of salads, soups, sandwiches, and quiches for lunch), Pumphouse Creamery (great ice cream), and a few other places on that 48th & Chicago intersection ... a bar/burger joint, a Greek deli, and a Mexican restaurant. Also, the new Ba Gu Sushi, which is not bad.

      1. So as not to double-post, here's a link to a description of Colossal Cafe on 42nd & Cedar. If they do lunch as well as they do breakfast, you'll likely be very happy.

        1. I guess Sea Salt is open through October in Minnehaha Falls Park. Think the Shake Shack in NYC, but with fish.