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Oct 16, 2006 06:31 PM

Urban Lobster review - ugh

Went to Urban Lobster on Houston for lunch today. Not impressed.

The interior is done-up like a second-rate wrap place in a mall -- uncomfortable rickety plastic top stools and all.

The staff was friendly, but the woman behind the register was reaching under her shirt and massaging her belly while I was eating. A lady, I assume one of the owners, was at a table being very rude and bossy to some guy who was redesigning the layout on her menu or something. When he asked her for a pen, she snapped "What am I, your slave?"

People kept coming in trying to figure out what the place was ("You have fish n' chips?" "no;" "You sell coffee?" "no.").

I ordered the lobster roll. It comes in a plastic take away container even if you're staying (at least mine did). It's made with celery, which I'm not partial to, so I picked it out. The bun was a gummy bready mess with a bit of butter and not well toasted. I understand this isn't Mary's Fish Camp, but come on, toast the damn roll right at least.

The lobster meat was okay. The mayoniase had a weird aftertaste. Together it tasted fishy, which was less than ideal.

$20 with tax. Not worth it. Not returning.

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    1. Yeah, I went over the weekend and had a very uninspired Manhattan Clam Chowder. My husband had the lobster bisque which had waaayy too much sherry in it, giving it a weird medicinal flavor. The place has a great concept, but the execution is definitely lacking. And prices are pretty high -- $6 for soup, $7 for salad, and most of the seafood dishes are pushing $20.

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          1. i can't wait to not go. thanks for the info. sounds awful and i do not like a bad Tides attitude as i'm a big fan of the place.