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Oct 16, 2006 06:22 PM

Date night in Huntington Beach area

Hi all - I need a good recommendation for a date night in the Huntington Beach area. It's only our second date, so I'd like a quiet but not over the top romantic ambience, tasty food - we both eat everything, as long as it tastes good, in a medium price range (up to $20ish for entrees) I'm in downtown HB, so around there or Newport or Sunset Beach would be great. I know it's vague, but I am at a loss.

Someone once recommended Matsu...any opinions on that place? I've never been there myself. Is it teppan, sushi, ??? Thanks so much!!

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  1. How about going South on the PCH to Corona Del Mar and trying Bandera. Fits your requirements, great food, good prices, lots of dates going on.

    1. I'm not as familiar with the options in that area, but I did enjoy my meal at Peruvian Kitchen in neighboring Fountain Valley. Here is the link to my review:

      Also a link to a review 2 months earlier than mine:

      Here is the website link:

      1. If you go to Matsu, have teppan or eat in the main room. There are many better sushi places around, so I wouldn't go there for sushi. The patio at Lugatti's (Walnut & 5th) would be nice for a second date; inside is a bit noisy. Ciao Trattoria (NY style Italian) or Bukhara (mom'n'pop Indian - very small place, but nice and quiet), both in the SavOn center across from Bella Terra would be good choices, also.

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          I have been wanting to try Bukhara, I'll file that away to go soon!

        2. how about kappo honda or tsuruhashi? both are interesting - kappo honda as a izakaya place with lots of options, tsuruhashi as a "something to do" meal, cooking the awesome kobe beef.

          they also would make you seem more worldly, are intimate and reasonably priced, and aren't cookie cutter "date" places.

          failing that, go to the chat noir in costa mesa.

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            Where is, and what is have me intrigued :) I had forgotten about Kappo Honda, I've been meaning to try that place. The non-cookie cutter date is definitely up my alley!

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              tsuruhashi is on brookhurst above garfield, in the same plaza as turners guns (!) and the prehistoric pets.

              it is a japanese korean bbq - only without the panchan and with thinly sliced cuts of excellent (often kobe) beef. make sure you get the bibimbap as well, and the short rib, tongue and outside skirt cuts.


              1. re: shimpiphany

                Tsuruhashi is DELICIOUS. You can order slices of wagyu beef and grill it at your table. If you enjoy hot sizzling pieces of well marbled high quality beef in a pleasing ponzu marinade, go here. This reminds me - I'll have to see if my husband will take me here on a date night!