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Oct 16, 2006 06:18 PM

Just moved- need some reccs

Just moved to the Bay Area from New England and going through some food shock.

I live in Alameda and work in the Castro.
Have access to a car, and can get around the Bay Area.

I need some suggestions for:

1. A deli. A real one. Not someplace where my pickle is floppy and my reuben has the "option" of kraut.

2. Do fried clams exist in this area?

3. Cuban, Dominican and Russian food? Obviously not all in the same place. As cool as that concept would be...

4. Any and all suggestions for learning Northern California cuisine. Especially the seafood. Where do we go to get things from the sea?

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  1. You work in the Castro? Go to Woodhouse Fish Company at Church & Market for fried clams and other seafood. They also have some really good lunch specials.

    1. "Real" deli, Cuban, and Dominican are among the top 10 on the Bay Area food wish list.

      Fried clams and other East Coast seafood, Woodhouse in SF.

      Cal-style seafood, Sea Salt in Berkeley, Hayes St. Grill in San Francisco.

      Many of the best places to get seafood around here are Chinese and Vietnamese. In downtown Oakland, not far from the Alameda tube, Legendary Palace, Binh Minh Quan, Spices!3.

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      1. re: Robert Lauriston

        You don't have to go through the tube: if you're on the Alameda side you can go to East Ocean or Chef's Wok for your Chinese seafood fix. A woman was raving to me last week about the S&P fish at East Ocean -- said she loves it and she usually doesn't like fish unless it's slathered with tarter sauce.

        Our local Dungeness crab season is going to start in about a month. Other local seafood (different ocean, different sea creatures) include various flat fish (halibut, Petrale sole, sand dabs) and locally farmed oysters.

      2. There's a Cuban place in Hayes Valley (SF) called Laurel's - pretty good.

        Russian - SF has been a center of Russian emigres for almost a century. Cinderella Bakery & Cafe, Katia's, and numerous Russian/Eastern European stores with foodstuffs and prepared foods to go, all mostly in the Richmond District in SF. There are some extensive threads on reviews of those places on this board.

        1. And as you're in Alemeda you might want to check out Speisekammer:

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          1. re: Calvinist

            Speisekammer's my favorite German place in the Bay Area. Worth a trip to Alameda.

            C'Era Una Volta is good Italian.

            Lots of reports on both, use the search.

          2. I think this thread on Cubano sandwiches lists all the local Cuban/Cubanish places: