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Oct 16, 2006 06:02 PM

Cafe Fiorella in Belmont

Anyone eaten here? Any good? Thanks!

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  1. Pizza is fair, pasta not bad and the people friendly. Not bad for a neighborhood eatery but certainly not worth a special trip. Don't forget that Shangri-La is just down the street for a truly fabulous chow-spot, and Rancatore's ice cream is nearby as well.

    1. Try Stone Hearth Pizza in Belmont great thin crust pizza with local organic ingredients and fabulous salads!

      1. One thing about Fiorella's - I know their Watertown/Newton branch had a real brick oven, so I thought the pizza was much better than fair for that reason - Does anyone know if the Belmont branch also has a brick oven?

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          Are the two locations related? For what it's worth, I think the Newton location turns out some pretty bad pizza, notwithstanding its brick oven. I had one as recently as Sunday night, and it wasn't very good.

        2. No, the Belmont place is it's own. However, they do have a brick oven in common (and that's about it). In my experience the pizza has been a step above the average pizza shop but not spectacular.

          1. I could have sworn they were related! Maybe they were at one point?

            Sorry to hear that the Newton restaurant's pizza was bad. That was definitely not my experience - I thought it had some of the best pie outside of the North End, but I haven't been in a couple of years, so certainly things may have changed.

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              There's got to be some historical relation given the similarity of the menus.

              I've tried the Newton location's pizza two or three time over the last couple of years and never found it particularly good. May be a YMMV situation.