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Oct 16, 2006 05:57 PM

lunch near sloan kettering

I am meeting a friend for lunch on Friday. Her dad is having surgery on Thursday so we need a place near Sloan Kettering as she will be visiting him and won't want to leave her mom alone too long. I would like a reasonably priced lunch suggestion fairly casual with good food. I work downtown and have no idea of what is around there. Thanks.

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  1. Za Za is an Italian restaurant on 1st Av., b/t 65th & 66th Sts. I've never eaten there, but I recall some positive comments from Hounds who have.

    1. I"ve been working there for 4 years now.. the area is average..Cafe Luka on 1st ave and 70th st (left hand side of st) is a nice diner with all the usual dishes done well. There's a new Turkish place on 1st ave btwn 66th and 67th st (can't remember the name) that is good too. Avoid Ming's (chinese) on 1st ave- terrible! On 1st Ave btwn 68th and 69th (right hand side) there is a newly opened Le Pain Quitotiden, and a place called The Grill that has very good sandwhiches,salads, etc at reasonable prices and with seating.Baluchis is an Indian spot on 1st ave & 63rd st that has decent lunch specials but sloooow service. Keep in mind all these places get a little crowded at peak lunch times,so plan accordingly....good luck!