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Oct 16, 2006 05:54 PM

healthy macaroon

Does anyone have any ideas for a macaroon recipe that would make a coconut macaroon similar to the one sold at Manis Bakery and Cafe in Los Angeles. It's dairy free and made with organic whole wheat flour sweetened with organic maple sugar. I love them to death but I want to know how to make them at home. I have no idea where to start. TIA

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  1. hey, good news for you, get this book:

    that is the actual cookbook written by the mani's crew! i own it and actually my review is one of the ones on amazon. love it. great. their macaroon recipe IS IN THE BOOK too! good for you. i havent actually tried making that one, but i know its not too complicated at all. just unsweetened coconut, little wh wheat flour prolly, and egg whites. fruit sweet is the sweetener they use. dont worry, you can order it online. thats what i do. you will love this book. buy it. please. its wonderful. lemme know what you think:)