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Oct 16, 2006 05:51 PM

indian curry hill

Any opinions on which is best? I have been to a couple. Pongal was fine but not exceptional spicing was restrained and food was flat.

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  1. I love Copper Chimney but it is pricey. It's less traditional than the rest of the restaurants in the area. But, the food is great. I love any of their shrimp dishes. Spicier and hotter, the better.

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    1. re: eve

      Thanks, Eve! Walked past CC on our way home from Les Halles last night (had to make up for the K22 debacle) and wondered if this was any good. I'll add it to the list!

      1. re: eve

        I guess everyone's idea of what constitutes "pricey" can differ radically, and in my view, costs at Copper Chimney are not. Rather, I would describe them as moderate. As for the food, I've been twice and had mixed experiences, i.e., some very good dishes and others not so much.

        1. re: RGR

          Good point about "pricey". Meant in comparison to many of the other Curry Hill/East 6th St spots, not in general.

      2. For vegetarian, I like Pongal and Saravanaas. Unfortunately the food is better at Saravanaas but the atmosphere/ambiance is better at Pongal (i.e., too bright at Saravanaas).

        I too like Copper Chimney for non-vegetarian offerings.

        Otherwise, Roomali offers good indian "rolls" and Curry Leaf is a favorite for Indian-American takeout.

        1. I think Pongal has slipped a lot in recent years. Curry Leaf is my go-to place for takeout, and I love Saravanaas for south indian. I also hear good things about Curry 'n Curry but am sadly out of their delivery range.

          I also have to strongly second the Roomali rec. Sad to say I only discovered this place recently but am now totally addicted...

          1. I will also chime in for Saravanaas. I just went there a few weeks ago, and the placed was packed with S. Indians. I ordered some rice dish that was unusual and delicious
            Pongal used to be good, but no more.
            I liked Chennai Gardens too, though I haven't been there in a while...
            I don't know about curry leaf, but everyone I know who went there said it was horrible, perhaps they were ordering wrong or having different expectations?
            BTW, what's good at curry leaf? anything veg that's good?