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Oct 16, 2006 05:29 PM

Fish Chowder Recipe?

With it finally starting to get cold, I've been craving a good fish chowder. But I really have no idea how to make one. Does anyone have a recipe or any thoughts on this? The catch is that it can't have any shellfish or pork. I'd especially love a New England-style recipe, with the cream and potatoes.


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  1. Try this:

    It's by Jasper White and is my favorite of the NE fish chowders by a mile. It does call for salt pork, but you can easily substitute olive oil or butter for it. I make this a lot and it's always a big favorite.

    1. Do NOT skip the salt pork. It adds tremendously to this fish chowder which is also a favorite of mine .

      1. You may also want to try Legal Seafoods Fish Chowder; it can be found at

        1. Jasper's great. But his recipe allows a shortcut around using the fish frames for the broth, which I think is important. It's also very rich with heavy cream, which can obscure the flavor of fish broth (it's probably why he can allow the shortcuts, because with all that heavy cream it doesn't matter as much).

          Another classic approach can be found courtesy of Sara Moulton's dad, it seems. This is leaner (half-and-half) and uses the fish frames for the broth. Like Jasper's, though, it eschews the roux or binders that restaurant chowders use as a crutch. Fish chowder, even more than clam chowder, should not be thick with binder.

          1. 1C of onions
            1C of butter/margarine
            2 T of flour
            2 C cooked potatoes
            1 cup of chopped celery
            4 cups of milk (see below)
            garlic powder
            celery salt

            Saute onions and celery in butter until cooked through. Add 2 tablespoons of flour. and cook stirring continously making a rouxe, add four cups of milk or light cream, personal preference. Trying to cut down on fat then use lowfat milk. I also use fat free half and half which adds to the richness, but reduces the fat.
            Add the cooked, chopped, potatoes.
            I use a little garlic powder, celery powder and pepper then add a couple of handfulls of fish, usually haddock. Simmer through until fish is done. Cook on low stirring frequently.

            I normally use salt pork also, but butter/margarine will work. A little different flavor that's all.