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I won dinner at PF Changs

I have never been. I was wondering what they make well. Basically i am trying to navigate their menu by getting past the dreck so any suggestions should help. I am generally chain-phobic but am willoing to give it a shot.

Or should i just sell the gift certificates on ebay?

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  1. I think the consensus on CH is that the dan dan noodles are pretty good as are the chicken lettuce wraps and the black bean chicken. I am also partial to the kung pao chicken as a guilty pleasure. It is not going to be your authentic neighborhood Chinese place, but it is far better than the cornstarch glop that gets served in some places.

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      I agree. I love the Dan Dan Noodles and the lettuce wraps. I had some kind of spicy dumplings there a few months ago that were also quite good.

    2. I like the kung pao shrimp, sechuan beef and the green beans and I'm a total chinese food snob.

      1. i refuse to go anymore...but the only dish that's passable in mho is the kung pao scallops

        1. I like the rare tuna appetizer, the hot fish, the Kung Pao chicken or shrimp, the lettuce wraps and the hot and sour and wonton soups.

          1. haven't been in a while, but the coconut curry vegetables was always my favorite -- rich sauce, a bit spicy, wide variety of vegetables.

            1. I love PF Chang's Moo Shu Pork, their plum sauce is fabulous!

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                Moo Shu is supposed to come with hoisin sauce, not plum sauce. I guess authenticity really is not what PFC is about.

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                  It is serverd with hoisin sauce. Many people mistakenly ask for plum when they mean hoisin.

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                    And really....since when has Chinese food in the US been concerned with authenticity?

              2. It's family style chain asian fusion in case you were wondering about the service.

                I like the DanDan noodles myself.

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                  I thought it was Chinese bistro.

                2. Pan fried shrimp dumplings are fabulous. Go for the spicy changs chicken and the moo shu pork as well.

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                  1. I won gift certificates a couple of years ago and was pleasantly surprised (for a chain). Remember liking the chicken in lettuce cups - again w/ the hoisin as well as the steamed whole fish w/ ginger, scallion, etc.

                    1. Chinese restaurants that have no asians working or eating there scare me. Though PFC's may be better than horrid cornstarch glop, that's not very high praise. Their food is edible, yes, but boring, bland and forgettable "Americanized" chinese food, IMO. Calling it "fusion" (fused with what?) may be an excuse to lower our expectations of any semblance of authenticity and/or quality. Just MO.

                      1. I love the shrimp dumplings, the pork dumplings and the Singapore Noodles (curry flavored). Like Kung Pao chicken as well.

                        1. Stay away from the won ton soup, too bland and watery. Noddle dishes aren't bad. Service is good. Lettuce wrap might be worth a try. Oh, you ought to go at least once to see what the experience is like and then make up your mind.

                          1. Please go into PF Chang's with an open mind and don't let the chain haters scare you away. Personally, I think the lettuce wraps are overrated and aren't that great. Every time I go, I order:

                            Won Ton Soup (add lots of red chili paste... so yummy and clears the sinuses)
                            Lemon Pepper Shrimp (if you order nothing else, get this. It's amazing.)
                            Mu-Shu (pork or chicken) (not exactly authentic but very good indeed)

                            If you accept PFC for what it is, a glossy restaurant that serves their version of asian to the masses, you will not be disappointed. Enjoy!

                            1. Both versions of lettuce wraps rock it out (add some sirachi), the spicy chicken is totally bitchin', the stir fried eggplant is pretty tasty as is the duck something or other that comes with little steamed buns, green onions and a smattering of other things. All in all, have a tea pot and call it good.

                              1. The chicken lettuce wraps are the best thing on the menu!! My friends and I go there and just eat those! I also do enjoy the mushu chicken, steamed veggie dumplings, and the peking duck with the steamed buns.

                                1. Like the lettuce wraps and spicy eggplant.

                                  1. I eat there a few times a year and here's a list of things I've enjoyed:
                                    lettuce wraps
                                    steamed shrimp dumplings
                                    the crab wontons are okay
                                    Ahi tuna is good

                                    Kung Pao chicken - my fav!!!
                                    Phillip's Lemon ckn - their "signature" dish - just okay
                                    Dan Dan noodles - spicy and delish!
                                    Orange Peel beef is okay
                                    Singapore St. noodles are good

                                    For dessert you have to try the Great Wall of Chocolate - it's fantastic!
                                    Oh, and they have a Pear Mojito that's good.

                                    They had some specials last summer and my boss got some kind of Cod with edamame that was awesome! I'd get that over anything if they have it on the menu.

                                    1. If I was unfortunate enough to receive a gift certificate from PF Changs, I would go, have a few drinks and force down an appetizer. Then most likely go the next day to a either of two local suburban chicago chinese food standouts( Lao Szechuwan, or Katys Dumpling House) to erase the memory of PF Changs from my tastebuds.

                                      For me this place ranks down at the bottom of chain restaurants with The Cheesecake Factory.

                                      All of the above is my humble opinion

                                      1. i like the hong kong duck - mmmmm :) its a guilty pleasure, what can i say..and they're an az based chain, i believe, so it eases my localvore conscience...;)

                                        1. Get the lettuce wraps for an appetizer. YUMMY!

                                          1. Well I have been several times and it really depends on what you order. I have found through trial and error that the Mongolian Beef is outstanding and the Lettuce Wraps are consistantly good as is the Kung Pao Chicken.