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Oct 16, 2006 05:27 PM

I won dinner at PF Changs

I have never been. I was wondering what they make well. Basically i am trying to navigate their menu by getting past the dreck so any suggestions should help. I am generally chain-phobic but am willoing to give it a shot.

Or should i just sell the gift certificates on ebay?

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  1. I think the consensus on CH is that the dan dan noodles are pretty good as are the chicken lettuce wraps and the black bean chicken. I am also partial to the kung pao chicken as a guilty pleasure. It is not going to be your authentic neighborhood Chinese place, but it is far better than the cornstarch glop that gets served in some places.

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      I agree. I love the Dan Dan Noodles and the lettuce wraps. I had some kind of spicy dumplings there a few months ago that were also quite good.

    2. I like the kung pao shrimp, sechuan beef and the green beans and I'm a total chinese food snob.

      1. i refuse to go anymore...but the only dish that's passable in mho is the kung pao scallops

        1. I like the rare tuna appetizer, the hot fish, the Kung Pao chicken or shrimp, the lettuce wraps and the hot and sour and wonton soups.

          1. haven't been in a while, but the coconut curry vegetables was always my favorite -- rich sauce, a bit spicy, wide variety of vegetables.