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Oct 16, 2006 04:18 PM

HELP! Richmond VA dinner recommendations?

I need a restaurant recommendation for Richmond for this Friday night. Here's the problem, one of the party doesn't eat much seafood, no wheat or potatoes and no chicken (it's a long story...) The rest of us are ok with just about anything. Prefer the Fan / West End / Far West End area.

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  1. I'm thinking ethnic may be the way to go. How about Mom's Siam (Thai) in Carytown. The other place coming to mind is Comfort which is downtown on Broad just east of Belvidere. They let you pick your sides which is good for those with dietary quirks.

    1. We had dinner last nite at the Blue Point Grill in the outer area of the new Short Pump Mall way out W. Broad...

      Restaurant was GORGEOUS-plus dinner combo playing jazz...

      We had horseradish crusted salmon ( portions are huge) and grilled maki maki..

      I know you said no seafood-BUT they do have STEAKS and a variety of GREEN veggies.

      The Salads are enough to SHARE for 2.

      Service was nice- they have only been open for a month.
      They are part of a chain in FL ...

      Dinner portions of the fish were definitely enough to share IF you shared a side salad...Avoid the Caesar Salad as the dressing did NOT remotely taste like Caesar- More like MAYO.

      In addition, in SHOCKOE BOTTOM is JULEP's - Southern Gourmet-
      FISH, STEAKS,VEAL,PORK- something for everyone PLUS Green veggis.
      Juleps is our FAVORITE restaurant when we talk out of towner out to dinner- and is also OUR favorite for anniversay dinners.