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Oct 16, 2006 04:11 PM

Apple pick'n and cider in the Bay Area?

Hi, does anyone knows of a good place to pick your own apples and drink some fresh cider? I am looking for something similar to farms they have on the east coast.

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  1. Gabriel Farms, Sebastopol has great asian pear nectar and you can pick apples on their farm. They sell their fruit and juice at the Berkeley farmer's market.

    here's my post w/ pics:

    1. Apple Hill, see the California board:

      Sonoma Farm Trails lists some. Select Fruit in the first drop-down and U-Pick in the third:

      1. Depending where you are in the SF bay area, Watsonville may be closer than Sonoma County. If that's you, consider Gizdich Ranch in Watsonville. You can pick your own, drink cider, eat monsterously high apple pie, and then meander the beach in Santa Cruz.

        Gizdich Ranch
        55 Peckham Road
        Watsonville, CA 95076
        (831) 722-1056
        open daily 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

        Mercury News article on Gizdich Ranch:

        PS This web site indexes pick-your-own farms in the SF Bay area. Kind of a clunky site, but great info:

        1. Does anyone know which, if any, of the u-pick places in Sonoma (or other places nearby) have unpasteurized cider? I, too, would love to replicate that East Coast apple-picking experience, of which the fresh, unpasteurized cider straight from the mill was an essential part. If Gabriel Farms is the stand at the Berkeley Farmer's market I'm thinking of, I think their drinks are more like juice than cider...?

          (Apple Hill seems perfect, but probably too far to drive this weekend...)

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          1. re: Emily Hope

            OK, I poked around a bit more and found:

            Twin Hill Ranch
            1689 Pleasant Hill Road
            Sebastopol, CA 95472
            Sonoma County
            Phone: (707) 823-2815
            Description: Apples, and apple products, pies, bread, juice & cider, jams & jellies. Also dried fruits, honey, almonds, walnuts, pears, persimmons, pumpkins and gifts.

            You might want to call them to ask about their cider before you go.

            Also, here's another web resource:

            The Northern CA section of AllAboutApples

            (It lists far more cider presses in southern CA, but that could just be because of what folks choose to say about themselves.)

            1. re: Emily Hope

              As a former New Englander, the best apple cider is sold by Rainbow Orchard at the Saturday El Cerrito and Sunday SF Civic Center markets. They are located in Apple Hill and I was thrilled to find them selling at the local farmers markets.

              1. re: rworange

                Thanks for the tips! We'll check out Twin Hill Ranch if we head up that way this weekend, and I'm definitely going to the Civic Center market on Sunday to pick up some Rainbow cider!

              2. re: Emily Hope

                I haven't stopped by this season, but I've heard reports last month that Spears Market in Forestville had a fresh unpasteurized cider for sale.