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Oct 16, 2006 04:03 PM

More Bouchee feedback ?

Any more feedback on Bouchee? Working out the kinks? Tim Partridge in the kitchen?

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  1. We went in for drinks on Friday night and wound up staying for dinner. The place was busy. As walk-ins, our wait for a table for 2 was about 45 mins to an hour, but didn't mind as the drinks at the bar were good, and the atmosphere was nice. We were shown upstairs to our table and my mood was brought down a little when our waitress greeted my GF and I with "Hi guys!". Ok, no big deal, but that's the style of service. I got a mixed greens salad that was nicely dressed. My GF got the beet salad which she enjoyed as well. Around this time we noticed that every table besides ours had a bread basket, so we had to ask for one. I ordered the steak frite medium-rare, which was good, not melt-in-your-mouth level, but came as ordered. No steak knife was ever brought. The frites had a nice rosemary flavor. My GF ordered one of their flat-bread pizzas which arrived charred on the edges but was surprisingly underdone overall. To sum up, the bar is nice, the prices for food and drinks were reasonable. The food is ok. I'll probably try it again to see what the half-chicken is like.

    1. Drinks and apps (flatbread pizza and pate) at the bar were decent. Noisy of course. Agree service is over-friendly (staff shouldn't really be telling their drinking binge stories to the patrons).