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Oct 16, 2006 04:00 PM

Where can I find good quality Japanese Tea near San Jose?

Hey folks, Toronto Chowhounder here, coming to Sunnyvale visting friends next Saturday.

Wondering where I can buy good quality Japanese Tea. Not looking for the usual Genmai-cha, Hoji-cha or low quality sencha. I would expect to pay $20-$30 for 100 grams. Its usually vacuum packed in foil. very hard to find a good selection in Toronto.

And if not around San Jose than where?

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  1. There is a new (to this area) Japanese tea chain called Lupicia (the Japanese take on the French L'epicier) that sells very high-end Japanese tea including matcha. There are definitely stores in Stonestown (San Francisco) and in the new Westfield Shopping Center in downtown SF near Powell and Market. I don't know if they have one at Valley Fair in San Jose.

    There is a Japantown in San Jose, but I don't know of any shops that might sell tea there. There are also the Nijiya Supermarkets, but I don't know how high-end their teas are. There is a Mitsuwa Japanese grocery store on Saratoga Avenue in San Jose but, again, they may only have the lower quality teas.

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      Nijiya Market has quite a range of teas. At the upper end in price, I recall the Mountain View store having some of the ones in this series, Maeda-en Grower's Selections:

      I didn't try them myself.

    2. Ito En has a superb selection of high end green can order by mail & they will send...