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Oct 16, 2006 03:43 PM

Thanksgiving in Phoenix

Does anyone know of any restaurants that will be open on Thanksgiving? My family isn't necessarily married to the traditional meal of turkey and stuffing and potatotes and cranberry sauce and blah blah blah, so we're willing to eat anywhere. One (big) exception: my father won't eat Mexican food. I'm not from Phoenix and my parents are fairly new to the area, so any input is greatly appreciated.

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  1. Try checking for Phoenix. There are only 77 area restaurants listed, but several of them come up with availability on Thanksgiving. I'd venture to guess that all the hotel/resort restaurants will be open.

    1. Top of the Rock at the Buttes. I have had Thanksgiving dinner there many times and always love the place. The food is great with a Southwestern flair, but not Mexican. Their turkey dinner has always been excellent, and the view over the Valley is great.

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        I haven't been there in a few years, but I agree that Top of the Rock does a great job at Thanksgiving, and the room is lovely.

      2. My family has Christmas dinner at T. Cook's(at the Royal Palms resrt) every year. We've never been disappointed. Beautiful room, delicious food and excellent service....if the weather is nice allow time to roam the grounds and enjoy a cocktail.

        If they're open for Thanksgiving and budget allows I'd definitely consider trying them.

        1. Most of the major resorts offer special Thanksgiving dinners--Phoenician, JW Marriott Desert Ridge, Hyatt Gainey Ranch, Royal Palms, Arizona Biltmore, Fairmont Scottsdale Princess, etc., etc.

          Most will have information on their respective websites, and all you have to do is make reservations. Depending on where you go, and the quality of the property, some dinners are served buffet-style, and some are sit-down 3-5 course meals.

          1. If you're in the mood for seafood, The Salt Cellar is open every year for Thanksgiving and offers their full regular menu, which is nice since many places that stay open on holidays offer a smaller specialty menu with only 5 or 6 choices.