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Oct 16, 2006 03:22 PM

Sushi Koji - do I dare?

Going to be in Greenville on a Tuesday PM for a show. I'm scared to go to Sushi Koji and try omakase again (we had the omakase before the s**t hit the fan and it as a great experience) nor do I want to haggle with the wife over declining the specials. What should we do? Michael B? Danna?

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  1. Sushi Koji is no more. Koji is cooking at Blue Fire Grill (I hope I have the name right) next to Whole Foods. It looks awful from the ads, I don't know if the sushi bar, which is apparently an aside, will be good or not.

    The old location is still a sushi restaurant, but no more Koji. Apparently, he wasn't really the owner, it was part of a larger group of sushi restaurants. Something like that.

    If you want sushi, check out my review of Tsunami on this website:
    (you may have to click on "restaurant reviews") Or you can click through to the website for 33 Liberty. Their chef started the site. (he's a friend, I have done a couple of reviews for his website, but have no financial affiliation) Whatever you do, please report back. What are you seeing?

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      Richard Thompson at the Handlebar. Dang, that's a good review! No wonder you have such good posts. Makes me want to abandon what I planned to cook and go to Inakaya.

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        You're too kind, SP. We went to see Johnny Winter last week at the Handlebar. First time I had been there. Interesting space, interesting crowd.

        PickyChicky - thanks for the info re...uhhh....the restaurant formerly known as Sushi Koji. I'll be sure to give it a try soon.

    2. We've been a few times since the changeover in name. Seems like they're using the same supplier for fish - it is still very fresh.

      Of note - omakase for sashimi is now offered right on the menu, so no fear of refusal! We haven't tried it yet though.

      Hope that helps.

      1. The restaurant formerly known as Sushi-Koji is Sushi Hana.

        We had seaweed salad which was good - it always seems the same no matter where you eat. Husb. had a cup of miso soup which I didn't really like. It had tofu cubes and nothing else (no little mushroom & scallion slices) and was sort of grainy and I usually like miso soup. Husb. also had Japanese pickles (assortment of things) - I don't enjoy those so I didn't taste. The spicy tuna & avacado appetizer was quite good. Really good tuna and the red spicy sauce with pine nuts was a good compliment and a nice presentation - tower of sliced avacado, all on a bed of lettuce. The cucumber salad rolls were a special and had 2 sauce opitons drizzled on the side of the plate - very refreshing. I had the salmon sashimi. The salmon was a tad pale and so was the flavor. Wish I had the tuna - actually wish I had the grouper but I'll get to that. Husb. had katsu donburi which had a rich flavor but not overwhelming like it can be sometimes. Split a big Kerin(?) beer and a small sake and red bean ice cream (just ok) for desert. And a cup of green tea which I think was complimentary as we did not order it but it arrived as I was thinking I wanted some. Tab was $63. Dinner mates had vegetable tempura donburi. They raved, I didn't taste. One had the nabeyaki udon and again raved. I think I'd get that on a return visit, it looked superb. Other had a special - the grouper. Now when you come in the door, they have the specials on a table and they are covered in saran wrap and labled. So you sort of cut to the chase right then. Maybe they just train the hostess to explain and not the waitpersons. Ours was a young american guy who didn't care for fish. We forced him to taste the grouper. There was a roll (forgot the name) that really tempted me but I went the sashimi route. And the grouper. Grouper head. Just the head. With teeth and eyeballs. It came in a brown sauce that was to die for and it was fresh and meaty and moist and tender and wonderful. They had a big sake and their tab was uh... $50 I think. Grouper head.... who would have thought? And BTW, Richard Thompson put on a show that was fabulous - what a guitar player that guy is!