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help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! best source for take-out char su bao.........................

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So my husband went and promised our elder pup's teacher char su bao for today. Only thing is, the place he was planning to go to buy them DOESN'T MAKE CHAR SU BAO--though they make very tasty ones with black mushroom and pork or veggies and pork.

But the teacher must have char su bao.....Aside from all of us thinking "aren't we lucky I asked," where the heck should he go to get good char su bao for take-out?

Great or excellent preferred, okay needn't reply. San Gabriel Valley replies expected but if there is a place in Chinatown, that is fine too. I was thinking Sam Woos in C-town but I can't remember ever seeing char su bao there [tasty bbq pork, however]

And in your response, can you please include some instructions and cross streets and the best address you can muster?

thank you!
tack tack!
xie xie!

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    1. There's this place called Dim Sum Express on Garfield in Monterey Park. A shack, for all intents and purposes, with a walk-up window which looks into a sweat-shop of steamers, fryers, and woks. You feel sorry for the people working in it, but they produce gigantic cha siu bao, dumplings, and other goodies.

      Dim Sum Express
      326 N Garfield Ave
      Monterey Park, CA 91754
      (626) 307-5800


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        This would be my pick too. Or call BBQ Unlimited -- there's one on Melrose (4600 block or so) and one on Sherman Way in North Hollywood, between Coldwater Canyon and Ethel on the south side of the street (that'd be the, uh, 12900 or 13000 block I guess). You'll need to call ahead, though, to make sure they can make them for you.

      2. First choice for cha siu bao: Hong Kong Low, next to Phoenix bakery in the alley around the corner from Empress Pavilion. (Sorry, don't have address) Take-out only.

        There's always Ocean Seafood, 750 N. Hill
        Take out on the ground floor, corner of the building.

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          Hong Kong Low Deli
          408 Bamboo LN
          Los Angeles, CA 90012
          (213) 680-9827

        2. Both ABC and CBS in Chinatown have takeout sections adjacent to the main restaurant that are well stocked with dim sum items.

          1. My absolute favorite place for this Happy Bakery in Alhambra. It's on Valley, 1 block east of Valley & Atlantic. Sometimes my coworkers not close to SGV really crave dim sum type food, and whenever I bring a big box from here, everyone is happy. They have 2 kinds of char su bao - steamed and baked. The baked is a more western-style bread, but both are excellent. Hope you enjoy.

            1. In Chinatown, try the following places:

              Chinatown Bakery & Deli Inc.
              809 N. Hill St., #A


              Queen's Bakery Inc.
              809 N. Broadway

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                Easy thing if you just ask anyone on the street.
                I'd be surprised if Queens Bakery had char su bow.
                Right...Sam Woo wouldn't have it.

                Down on Broadway by Ord Street there must be 4 or 5 places within a block that have it. Start out with Lucky Deli, ABC Seafood, CBS Seafood.

                What's closest for you--Chinatown, Monterey Park, Alhambra ????

              2. While I dont necessarily like the long wait at Empress Pavilion proper, they do have a takeout place next to the restaurant that does strictly dim sum, including the steamed and baked csb. Its just to the right of the entrance of the main restaurant.

                1. "First choice for cha siu bao: Hong Kong Low, next to Phoenix bakery in the alley around the corner from Empress Pavilion."

                  Sandra W beat me to it. :)

                  1. Steamed or baked...nice and meaty. 65 cents each. Basically a take out operation.

                    Family Pastry
                    715 N Spring St
                    Los Angeles, CA 90012
                    (213) 622-5255

                    Open 7 days a week 7am-5:30pm

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                      is family pastry any good still? when i was young it used to be fairly decent, but i haven't been there in a lonnnggg time

                    2. Thank you all!

                      Due to bad timing [a meeting on the westside], he ended up just going to #2BBQ on Melrose but they had them, they were tasty and they were well received.

                      To my abject horror, he didn't buy any for the family so I sent my husband out again to get some for dinner. The leftovers went into the pups lunch boxes.

                      We are saving the list of recommendations for a tasting in the near future. We will post the results. Thanks again!

                      1. If you're in the S. Bay area, the Hong Kong Deli has decent Char Sui. They're at Carson and Figueroa directly south of Harbor-General Hospital. They make great shu mai.. much better than Bristol Farm's wanna be dim sum. Good luck to you!

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                          Hong Kong Bakery
                          21720 So. Vermont Ave,#120
                          Torrance- East of the hospital in a mini-mall on Vermont
                          m-f 9:30 to 8:30
                          s-sun. 9-8:30
                          I prefer the steamed bao but everyone else likes the baked ones. Siu Mai and Beef hotdog roll are good. Har gau, sesame dumpling and malasadas...not to my liking.

                        2. I forgot to add that most Marukai Markets carry char sui as well. They even have the Hawaiian-style char sui which is great!

                          1. despite the controversy of (see thread of yesterday regarding dim sum) Ocean seafood in chinatown my kids love the baked char sui bao, they are small a good size for small kids great for lunches they also freeze well

                            1. Won Kok
                              210-10 Alpine St
                              Los Angeles, CA 90012

                              the line for this place is insane, parking is insane, its just generally insane. The place is so popular that people buy dozens and dozens of cha sui bao at a time.

                              i love it. check out a picture of it here


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                                Also Won Kok has both steamed and baked bao, chicken and pork.

                                I also love their Chow Fun noodles. I can taste them now.