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Oct 16, 2006 02:58 PM

"limited edtion" seasonal offerings--your favorites?

Grocery store, restaurant, catalog--what do you scoop up when it's offered only as a "limited edition"?

I like the peppermint bark and the (forgive me, coffee purists) pumpkin spice coffee beans as a novelty.

It ticks me off that peppermint items are so hard to find the rest of the year! Mint is so refreshing at all times of the year!

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  1. For me it's pumpkin cream, beer, cookies, cakes and pies. I'm a pumpkin freak and unfortunately the only one in the house.

    Other things would be Reese pumpkins and (in the spring) eggs...for me they are so much better than the traditional peanut butter cup.

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    1. re: Janet from Richmond

      The eggs are so much better than anything, for some reason! I think the eggs are better than the pumpkins and the Christmas trees!

      1. re: Katie Nell

        All of the Reese's Peanut Butter specialities seem to have a higher peanut butter to chocolate ratio. That makes them SOOOOO good! I like the Christmas trees best. I can get three bites from one tree.

        1. re: Sister Sue

          Those are so good! I can't buy them or I'd eat the whole six pack.

          1. re: chowser

            I only buy them one at a time also, and only the holiday ones (but every season they have them). They are SO much better than the cups.

            1. re: kloomis

              You know, most stores mark them down after the holidays. And, they do freeze well. You can spread that deliciousness out for a few weeks!

              1. re: Sister Sue

                My friends thought it was a sweet gesture to give me 6 six-packs of the valentine ones. I tried freezing them but, like girl scout thin mints, they taste pretty good frozen!

    2. "La Columba" dove-shaped Italian bread at Eastertime and the special panetonne-type breads that come boxed for Christmas. Not only are these baked goods wonderful to eat, they make very good inexpensive gifts.

      1. Where do you get pumpkin spice coffee beans?

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        1. re: pescatarian

          I just saw an ad for Millstone, I don't drink coffee so have no idea how their beans are, but they have pumpkin spice, and a peppermint that I just can't seem to think would be good as a coffee.

          They also showed a gingerbread flavor, but I don't see that on their website.

          However, as mentioned,, I don't drink coffee so what do I know.

        2. Gravenstein apples -- only really good for 2-3 weeks in September, so I eat all I can, make lots of applesauce -- and then remember.....

              1. re: sivyaleah

                I love their Gingerbread Loaf with creamcheese frosting. That frosting and candied orange are soo good!

                1. re: welle

                  I totally forgot about those! Thanks for reminding me, pretty darn yummy too, but a lot more calories than the biscotti. I used to try and only eat 1/2 at a time, and save the other piece for the next day.

              2. re: amkirkland

                Love the Cranberry Bliss Bar. When I worked at Starbucks I would get a discount on food items and I just loaded up on those. Very bad for the waistline :-)

                1. re: empecot

                  I must admit, as anti-chain as i am, the entire mood, seasonal pastires, crappy collectibles and egg nog lattes, at Starbucks during Christmastime is addictive to me.

                2. re: amkirkland

                  I love the Bliss bars! I can't wait until they're here again. I buy them by the tray. Ever tried freezing them? I wonder how they'd holdup...

                  1. re: mollyomormon

                    Buy a vacuum sealer and do it. That's one of the best things I've ever purchased.