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Oct 16, 2006 02:42 PM

Casual Eats in Newburgh

Will be stopping in Newburgh for 2 night this week, any recs for good casual eats (no chains please).

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  1. Barnstormer BBQ is supposed to be good, I still haven't gotten there.

    Chianti is good for Italian.

    I thought there was a steakhouse (Gus's?) on the main street but I can't find the name anymore online.

    If you can get to Marlborough/Milton, Raccoon Saloon is a treat.

    1. I have been to Barnstormer BBQ a couple of times and thought it was good. It is in a large shopping center on the north side of NY 17K just east of NY 300 and the Thruway entrance.

      1. Cosimo's
        Consistently good
        You might also try:
        -Donbo (Thai/ Pan Asian)in New Windsor, but close
        -CB Driscoll's
        -Local Diners (ask around
        )-The good Italian deli- Rte 52 and Lakeside Rd (Momma Somethings)
        Had lunch there today- Good paninis
        -The Italian place on the intersection near Chadwick Lake is good for "red sauce pasta", pizza and great clam sauce