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Oct 16, 2006 02:15 PM

Looking for a great neighborhood (reasonable) place b/t Baltimore and Annapolis

My very Italian friend is coming to Baltimore from Chicago. His son will also be in Annapolis on business. They are looking for a great neighborhood restaurant that the locals love, either Italian or seafood. Something not fancy....any ideas?

Thanks from Chicago!

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  1. In Annapolis, Maria's is supposed to be excellent. Have not been in years, but the talk is good. Italian.

    1. In Bmore - Mama's on the Half Shell in Canton, La Tavola or La Scala in Little Italy
      In Between - Cafe Amore in Glen Burnie
      In Annapolis - Boatyard Bar & Grill, Tsunami, Yellowfin (happy hour - half price apps)

      1. Since you asked for BETWEEN B'more and Annapolis: try Cynthias on Route 2 in Severna Park. High-quality ingredients and good presentation!

        1. Also between Annapolis and Baltimore is a place called Sputnik in Crownsville. I haven't been in a couple of years (changed jobs), but when I last went, I thought it was among the best Asian fusion places in the entire region, DC included.

          Maybe someone can update.

          1. I know you asked for between, but my suggestion would be to eat in Baltimore's Little Italy based on the description of your friend. Bocaccio is excellent fine dining. Amicci's is less expensive than most in Little Italy, but very good with large portions. Ciao Bella is a good "tweener" choice.