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Brunch @ Windsor Arms?

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I was looking to take the family for a fancy lunch and/or brunch on Sunday and have so far been stymied. Of course many of the best restos in the city simply aren't open on Sunday aft. I know there are some really nice brunch places (e.g. Mildred Pierce, Gallery Grill) but we were trying to aim a notch above that.

I gather that the Windsor Arms has a $40 p/p brunch and was wondering if anyone could testify to whether it's worth it, talk about what they have etc.


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  1. In my opinion, the Windsor Arms doesn't have wonderful food at any meal. Some things are tasty, but it isn't worth the price. I don't much like the fake classical ambience either, but that's secondary to the expensive, mediocre food. They've fallen very far from the days of George Minden, the Three Small Rooms, and the original, exciting Courtyard Cafe.

    I'd choose Mildred Pierce over Windsor Arms any day (though I confess I wouldn't stay if confronted with a very long wait).

    1. My friend and I just enjoyed brunch there this morning and let me say it was quite a treat. There was a variety of foods available, both hot and cold dishes. Breakfast items such as pancakes and omlettes were made fresh when ordered and there was an assortment of fresh breads. Today's brunch included numerous vegetable dishes as well as large shrimp cocktail, crab claws, roast beef and turkey, to name a few. Save room for the dessert table as there were over 15 different varieties of desserts offered, my favorites were the tiramisu and mini creme brulees in expresso cups.

      Our waiter was extremely friendly and very attentive to our needs. I've never tried Mildred Pierce before so I can't really compare. However, I will definitely go back again.

      1. I tried their brunch a year ago, the Paella is the worst that I have even eaten ... not sure if they have any improvement by now. Beautiful room though.