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Oct 16, 2006 01:51 PM

ATL downtown suggestions for PDX lab

Hi, I'm head of a small neuroscience lab from portland. Was thinking of taking lab to bobby and junes or marry macs for food and an experience not available in PDX.
PDX is a great but small food town. This meeting really burns us out (and we're trying to find new treatments for meth addicts and Parkinson's Disease) so we don't want to get on MARTA or stray far from downtown. Appreciate any input

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  1. I think Les Fleurs De Lis is wonderful -- very authentic french bistro style, small menu - but great dishes, and right in the heart of downtown. I think it's a nice change from most of the options downtown - which tend to be huge chains.


    1. I recenly moved from PDX to ATL, sadly. The ethnic choices are where ATL stands above PDX, but they aren't close. Les Fleurs is a good choice as authentic as St Honore (in NW) is for bread. Where are you staying ? Are you willing to take a very short trip on Marta ?