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Oct 16, 2006 01:39 PM

Great time at Lee

I went to Lee on Saturday night for a friend's birthday. There were 8 of us. I have read mixed reviews on here and some comments about slow/rushed/snotty service. I did not experience any of these negative things. I also read something on here that someone thought you had to order a lot to be satisfied and I would disagree with that as well. It cost me $60 (no alcohol) and I was very, very full.
I arrived there 10 minutes before the reservation and was the first to arrive. I was prepared to wait since the rest of my party wasn't there and I was early, but the hostess was very nice and said that she would prefer if I sat at the table. She took my coat and I was promptly asked by the waitress if I wanted to order a drink or would I prefer to start with water. I said I'd be happy with water and she was happy to serve me ice water (no pushing of bottle water). Our table did not order a lot of drinks and they did not seem unhappy about that at all, nor did they push us to order drinks (as a previous poster mentioned on here).
We decided to share dishes between pairs rather than the whole table and so two of us order the blackened cod, the singapore slaw, the yucatan avocado salad and the mushroom dumplings. I was very impressed with the flavours. The cod has a good reputation for a good reason, it is delicious! The other dishes were good and I enjoyed the different flavours. My only minor critique is that the yucatan salad had underripe avocado and I would prefer not to eat it if it is underripe and in a place like that I would respect them if they told you when you ordered that that dish might not be up to par tonight because avocados are not ripe - and then you can decide whether you still want to try it. I enjoyed the flavours in the dish though, especially the chipotle peppers.
For dessert I shared the lemon tart with blueberry preserves and white choclate. It was very nice. The standout dessert at the table was a chocolate banana cake that was hot and moist, very delicious.
Overall, I was very impressed with the food and service and I feel that $60 was not overpriced for how full and satisfied I was. I would return.

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  1. I am with you pescatarian! I have never had a problem with Lee. Some of the dishes don't work for me on occassion, but that is the exact risk I am willing to take, because I rank most of the dishes from great to outstanding.

    I like the look and vibe of the room a lot. As well as the service/staff.

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      And I'm with both of you! I always return for the cod and the espresso pave. They're my favourites and if something else we ordered that night turns out to be exceptional, then it's a bonus. I've never had a problem with service either, they've always been very attentive and attitude free.

      1. re: fickle

        i'm either ways about some of their food... some of it truly kicks (ie. the cod, paves of all sorts) and some of it doesn't quite work for me (ie. confit, satays) but overall the experience has been positive with fantastic service.

        my only complaint is that the space actually gives me a bit of a headache(?), something i don't quite understand.

    2. It does sound like something I would like to try. May I know if there are any dress code at Lee?


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      1. re: kaka

        No dress code but the crowd does tend to dress up a bit. If you're worried about fitting in, just put on something black. That's a nice safe colour and everyone looks good in black, the bonus is it makes you look slimmer too ;-) Or just drive by, the front is all glass so you can see in and check out the crowd for yourself. Here's their website if you want to take a look at their dining room:

        1. re: fickle

          Thanks for your information, that helps! So how many plates should we be ordering for a party of two? I'm not saying we have to be 100% stuffed, but at least not feeling hungry going home at night.

          1. re: kaka

            3 dishes each plus dessert! I've enjoyed both times I dined at Lee (at the bar) but don't recommend the tofu dish or the slaw. The coconut shrimp soup is heavenly!

      2. man I love that cod. and those frites.