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Oct 16, 2006 01:00 PM


I am interested in any thoughts reader's may have about L'Astrance? Is it worthy of the hype?

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  1. L'Astrance is a very good restaurant. Is it worth the hype? That would depend on the individual.

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      I may have been a bit vague with my worth the hype comment as I understand it is subjective.

    2. My companion and I ate at L'Astrance in the fall of 2005 and by all accounts it remains one of the hottest places in town--and deservedly so! We ordered the 150 Euro tasting menu and ordered wine by the glass. According to my journal, the meal was as follows:

      Parmesan french toast w/ black truffle

      Smashed cod w/juniper and lime

      Avocado and crab ravioli (the signature dish: tasty, but it didn't knock my socks off)

      Scallop in miso broth and green radish dressing, served with a clam and tasty pieces of ? (journal illegible!)

      Whitefish accompanied by a sauce(orange juice? tomato?)on the side containing bits of shellfish; cabbage w/ wheat berries and two kinds of foam.

      Shrimps with onion, caper, red pepper and 'peanut butter'(i.e. smashed peanut)

      Turbot w/ morels and 'weird' spinach blob (puree?)

      White and green asparagus in Belgian biscuit ('Spicuous') sauce; cinnamon and coffee 'blob' on side

      Three purees: Potato and truffle, watercress and truffle, parmesan

      Chicken thigh, w/ crackly-crisp skin and chocolate-pepper stripe; eggplant (side dish)

      Pepper sorbet and lemongrass (in shot glass)

      Macaroon with almond cream; apple tatin, apple slices

      Eggnog in eggshell (the Passard influence--the chef apprenticed under him)

      Fruit plate

      The usual assortment of after-dinner confections.


      So, the fussiness quotient is definitely there. I was skeptical at first but the meal improved as it went along and by the end, I was delighted. It was a spectacular meal and a wonderful way to round off our stay in Paris.
      PS. We were seated in the balcony. At first, I thought we were being given the Parisian cold shoulder and being balkanized but the view gave us a wonderful vantage point and it proved wonderful theatre.

      Hope this helps!

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        Thank you so much. Your meal sounds wonderful.