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Oct 16, 2006 12:45 PM

Restaurant suggestion for Jackson, NH.

Hi guys,
I found this Inn/B&B in Jackson, NH (online), called
Nestlenook Farm. My BF & I are probably going to eat somewhere
in Jackson, but we don't know of any good places.

Of course I'm going to look online for good restaurants
in Jackson, NH., it's that you all seem so knowledgeable,
that I thought I'd run it by you guys, first!

BTW, we're going there on the 1st of November, so if
you have any suggestions, please let me know before then!

Thanks! Cheers, Pianochikke

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  1. I should probably be more specific in terms of what kind of
    restaurant I'm/we're looking for:

    Something as romantic as possible, as comfortable as possible,
    not too pretentious(sp?), & something moderately(sp?) priced.

    Thanks guys!

    1. The Wildcat Inn and Tavern meets your goals. The menu varies, but my wife and I ate their about a month ago and, as usual, had a couple of great meals. It's on the "Jackson Loop" and easy to spot.

      The price isn't cheap, but if you go light on the wine and/or alcohol, it shouldn't break the bank. The tavern part has a similar menu, and a more relaxing atmosphere and occasionally has entertainment on weekends.

      A little bit outside of Jackson is the New England Inn with Tuckerman's Tavern in Intervale (about midway on the Intervale loop). New England Inn has pricier stuff, but Tuckerman's Tavern has a full menu with everything from burgers and pizza to prime rib, as well as a great selection of beers.

      1. Check out the Notchland Inn--they serve a five course dinner for $45 in a beautiful old house. You can sit by the fireplace after dinner.


        1. Thanks for your suggestions!
          Tuckerman's Tavern sounds great.
          However, I have been thinking
          that we (my BF!) will have driven
          roughly 2hrs. & 40 min. to get to
          Nestlenook Farm, and may not want
          to drive anymore that day/evening.

          Nestlenook Farm has a "special",
          where it's $80-$85 (not sure if that
          includes tips!) for dinner for 2.
          Apparently, you get a choice from the menu,
          including appetizers(sp?), and 2 coffees.
          They bring it right to your room!

          Does that sound like a good deal to you
          guys. I know what I was looking for in
          terms of pricing, that's kind of steep.
          I might be able to get help from my Sis,
          though! (As a Xmas present.)

          That's also $40 per person, and I'm not
          sure what the food'll be like. Should I
          take that risk?

          1. Actually, I was wrong about the Nestlenook Farm having
            a special. What they do, though, is give you a gift
            certificate to a local restaurant, for dinner.
            The price stays the same as I mentioned in my post
            above, though.

            The two restaurants are: Thompson House Eatery,
            and the 1785 Inn. Anyone ever heard/ate about/at
            either of those places? Thanks, Pianochikke.

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            1. re: pianochikke

              We had a nice lunch at the Thompson House Eatery. You will enjoy it. It should be fairly quiet as November is just past leaf-peeping season and before the ski season.