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Oct 16, 2006 08:43 AM

Is there good, reasonably priced sushi in London?

I did search this board, but there weren't many suggestions. Two friends have told me there is no such thing as decent sushi in London, which can't be true. Others say that the only good places are ridiculously expensive. What do y'all think? I could really use some leads!

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  1. I think your friend's information would have been right about five years ago, but, in the last few years many places have opened that are of excellent quality.

    You still have those which will cripple the wallet, but I can suggest

    Saki - Smithfield market

    Also, Tajima Tei on Leather lane is also very good.

    Blossom used to be one of my favourites, but I have not been since it moved from Hoxton Square to City point.


    1. Blossom has moved to city point and is still quite good.

      My personal favourites are still Cafe Japan up in Golders Green where there is a large ex-pat Japanese community. It's well worth the schlepp. Also Sushi-say in Willesden.

      1. I am a long term fan of itsu in Wardour street. It's a covveyer belt affaitr but always really fresh and well made. It can be hard to get a seat at peak times but it's worth it.

        Also a tiny and brilliant place if you're near St James Park/Buckinham Palace is Ichi Riki on a tiny pedestrian street called Strutton Ground. It's just a doorway and down some stairs. You might have to wait but they do great sushi, especially soft shell crab.

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          Itsu is pretty terrible in my opinion - the rice is never quite right, and sushi as far as i can see has been machine made..
          a far better option in this price range is kulu kulu im brewer street. pretty authentic, and for the price its not bad. My favourite 'mid price' sushi joint though is Pham sushi - probably the best sushi ive had outside of Japan. ( i lived there for 12 years)

          the fish is always sensational, always super fresh from billingsgate market. they do stuff apart from sushi, but its all really good. the place in willesden mentioned above is supposed to be really good too, but ive never been there.

          1. re: foreignmuck

            I've not been to Kulu Kulu, but I see it all the time. Is it better than conveyer belt places like itsu and Yo Sushi?

            1. re: Prawn Cocktail

              yep its a lot more authenic. Yo! and itsu are pretty westernised and gimmiky i think

            2. re: foreignmuck

              seconding Pham Sushi, it's truly excellent, but you do need to book a table, even on Mondays sometimes!

              Also Bento cafe in Camden does some pretty decent sushi and it's good value.

          2. Well, there IS good sushi in London; places like Umu and Hakkasan, for example. And then there's always Nobu, and there are three of those in London.

            But, it's not the most reasonably priced, I'll give you that. Though, having said that, Umu has a good set lunch and while it's pricey, sushi is ALWAYS gonna be more expensive than other foods.

            I've not been to Sushi-Say on Walm lane, but I keep reading good things about it.

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            1. re: Prawn Cocktail

              I don't agree with this at all. I DO agree that London, as is typical of this city, is horrible at offering reasonably-priced food that is actually decent - many other capitals offer great sushi (at an actual sushi bar, no less) for something that won't break the bank. Let me get this straight - I love sushi, but since living here (about 7 years now) have seen my times out in pursuit of the good stuff dwindle to just about nothing, simply due to either a - incompetence with regards to how to prepare it, or b - ridiculous (and I mean ridiculous - 4 pathetic pieces of sashimi for £15 is absurd) prices, or c (usually with either a or b above) wait staff who I'm not sure are not going to start stabbing me repeatedly at any given moment. Sure, go to Hakkasan, it's always fun to pay thirty billion quid to be facepunched by an army of effete fashion lunatics. I'll go to Pham, if I do want to go for sushi in London, and get something comparable for a fifth of the price and a tenth of the attitude.