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Oct 16, 2006 07:14 AM

Chow-related Halloween Costume Ideas?

I'm looking for inspiration for this year's costume season. Got any ideas that are just a _little bit_ too crazy for you?

Past food-related costumes I've done or seen:

* About 10 years ago I dressed up as temaki (a "hand roll") using foam I spray-painted green and a bunch of big rice-like packing peanuts.

* One of my co-workers dressed up as a teabag a few years ago. Another year, she wore colored balloons and went as jelly beans.

All of the above are very difficult to work in (impossible to sit down!). Extra special thanks for any costume ideas that are good for wearing all day.

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  1. Chef Boyardee would be simple enough and recognizable, unlike Anthony Bourdain or Thomas Keller. Just hand out product if anyone asks. Okay, maybe Rachael Ray then.

    1. I dress as a large ear of corn wearing a bustier.

      1. We go to a Halloween party every year where folks dress in costumes that are puns, and there's a theme every year. The year it was nursery ryhmes, I dressed as a pumpkin and my husband just wore his regular clothes with a name tag that said "Peter".

        This year, the theme is superheros, and my husband will wear his blue chef's pants, toque, and chef's jacket with a big red "S" on the front - he'll be SupperMan. I'm going as Wondra-Girl.....

        1. Last year I went to a Halloween party dressed as a martini. I made a strapless column of black fabric with a large white triangle for the top, white stripes down the front and back, and a circular white bottom. I glued green and red felt on the front and back to make the olives. It was a huge hit and I was able to sit and dance in it all night. Very comfortable. As designed, it's more appropriate for a woman than for a man. But I'm sure it could be adapted and made more masculine.

          Here's a slightly blurry photo of what I was using for inspiration and this is, indeed, pretty much what it looked like.

          1. I'll never forget the year my boss dressed up as a "Big Hunk" candy bar. I teased him that his date should go as "Bit 'O Honey". It was a great costume.