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Chow-related Halloween Costume Ideas?

I'm looking for inspiration for this year's costume season. Got any ideas that are just a _little bit_ too crazy for you?

Past food-related costumes I've done or seen:

* About 10 years ago I dressed up as temaki (a "hand roll") using foam I spray-painted green and a bunch of big rice-like packing peanuts.

* One of my co-workers dressed up as a teabag a few years ago. Another year, she wore colored balloons and went as jelly beans.

All of the above are very difficult to work in (impossible to sit down!). Extra special thanks for any costume ideas that are good for wearing all day.

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  1. Chef Boyardee would be simple enough and recognizable, unlike Anthony Bourdain or Thomas Keller. Just hand out product if anyone asks. Okay, maybe Rachael Ray then.

    1. I dress as a large ear of corn wearing a bustier.

      1. We go to a Halloween party every year where folks dress in costumes that are puns, and there's a theme every year. The year it was nursery ryhmes, I dressed as a pumpkin and my husband just wore his regular clothes with a name tag that said "Peter".

        This year, the theme is superheros, and my husband will wear his blue chef's pants, toque, and chef's jacket with a big red "S" on the front - he'll be SupperMan. I'm going as Wondra-Girl.....

        1. Last year I went to a Halloween party dressed as a martini. I made a strapless column of black fabric with a large white triangle for the top, white stripes down the front and back, and a circular white bottom. I glued green and red felt on the front and back to make the olives. It was a huge hit and I was able to sit and dance in it all night. Very comfortable. As designed, it's more appropriate for a woman than for a man. But I'm sure it could be adapted and made more masculine.

          Here's a slightly blurry photo of what I was using for inspiration and this is, indeed, pretty much what it looked like.


          1. I'll never forget the year my boss dressed up as a "Big Hunk" candy bar. I teased him that his date should go as "Bit 'O Honey". It was a great costume.

            1. One year I was a role of lifesavers and I passed out the little miniature lifesaver rolls... I was 10 and my mom was very indulging of whatever I wanted to be! I will have to say that it looked very real when my mom was done with it! My brother and I were matching "weenies" one year... we had brown sweatsuits on with a yellow and red squiggly stripe painted up the middle and my mom made bun jackets for us! Both outfits were extremely easy to get around in and sit down, especially after the year I went as one half of a pair of dice!!

              1. OK...I was hoping my Halloween costume story would come in handy one day...

                I went as French toast. In college...working every greasy diner to pay my way thru...I wanted to go to the party...had NO money for a costume..

                One large bed sheet sewn closed, 'cept hole for head and place to stick arms out...I created two butter appliques and sewed them in the center...took a brown marker and outlined crust around the entire edge of the sheet and wore a french beret, black leggings and black ballet slippers.

                I did win the prize for the evening (100 bucks)...and was known as Frenchie for months after.. :)

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                  I really liked this idea, and was thinking of doing it for the office dress up this year, (I have the black leggings and a black beret) but when I mentioned it to hubby, he said that he thought there "was a lot of work in the simple phrase 'took a brown marker and outlined crust around the entire edge of the sheet"

                  So tell the truth: how much work was it? Are you artistic? What color sheet did you use>?


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                    susancinsf, MY goodness I never saw your request!
                    Should this year prove to be a good year for french toast costumes...it's my pleasure to share the details of this infamous costume.

                    I used a yellow twin flat sheet (you can find crazy yellow sheets at the dollar store.)
                    Yes, brown thick markers and I went thru probably five by the time I was done. It took about an hour. Brown acrylic paint would work *just wasn't in my budget back then* just fine.
                    The butter effect was added by creating a felt pouch on the inside front and placing a large handful of cotton balls inside the pouch and sewing that down. Then I drew an outline of sorts with the brown marker around each pad of butter so they really "popped"....I also squiggled brown marker around the "bread" for a maple syrup effect (didn't add that detail in my earlier post). The backside was just outlined in brown marker (crust) and left plan so I could sit down :)

                    Are you up for a challenge? Enjoy!

                2. Wear all red and stick a bunch of yellow peeps all over your body.

                  Congrats, you're a chick magnet!

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                  1. re: Grubbjunkie

                    I like that one!! The only good use for peeps besides blowing 'em up in the microwave!!

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                      And if you know what the word peeps means in French, in France this could be an even more interesting costume. A bunch of us girls had a conversation with male french exchange students about peeps that apparently was quite a different conversation for both groups. (And way too inappropriate to post on Chow)

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                        No kidding! It's not exactly the same pronunciation, but close enough to become a running gag throughout the night... ;-)

                    2. i was a piece of nigiri sushi twice. here's the picture. it's not completely accurate since tuna nigiri wouldn't have a seaweed belt, but you get the idea. and frankly, it was very comfortable to sit in, instant back padding!

                      1. I remember one year when I saw a gang of m&ms running down the street. It was so cute! They were all blonde teenage girls, probably a cheerleading squad or a soccer team.

                        Each one had a different color candy made out of two huge circles of felt and stuffed to be big and round. Big white ms were cut out of white felt and sewn to the front of each costume. The costumes looked poofy but relatively comfortable since they were just stuffed felt. They rounded out the costumes by wearing coordinatingly colored knee socks and black mary janes. Hair was tied in two pigtails with corresponding colored ribbon. I have to say, kudos to the mom(s) who pulled off that coordinating costume plan!

                        1. A friend of mine loves See's candies so she plans to dress up as Mary See for Halloween.

                          1. These are great. Please keep them coming.

                            1. The best food-related costume I saw was on Martha Stewart. It was from a viewer who dressed up as Martha and carried her little baby on a platter as a roast turkey. So cute and unique. You can see a link of the segment here: (scroll down among the list of Viewer mail items)

                              Also, seems like this Thursday that same woman is coming back on the show to talk about other food-related costumes. Wish I could watch. If anyone gets to see it, let us know how it was!


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                                ooh, if i were a mom, i don't know how i'd feel about carrying my baby on a platter, something unsalient about that. i will check out the pic though

                                1. re: amandine

                                  I showed all my co-workers and we died laughing. The best was the pic of the little guy set in the middle of the table -- how he laughed!

                                  I'd be more concerned about how my arms would get tired carrying a baby on a platter. . .but I thought it was a cute idea!

                                2. re: chickiecc

                                  just saw the pic. oh no. oh nonono

                                  1. re: chickiecc

                                    Whoa... this is like DIY Anne Geddes. Babies in bowls, on platters, dressed as food-- yikes! I thought _A Modest Proposal_ was satire.

                                  2. Dress up as a Viking and go as one of the Wonderbar Guys!
                                    WONDERBAR! WONDERBAR!! WONDERBAR!!!
                                    Da Cook

                                    1. Chef Paul Prudhomme
                                      Chef Sam Choy

                                        1. How about a serial killer? That is, I mean a cereal box with a knife? Not my idea--saw it at a party awhile ago.

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                                            If he drove a white service van to the party he's have a costume appropiate vehicle...okay maybe if it came as a prize in the cereal.

                                          2. My father once went to a Halloween party dressed in green pants and turleneck, then wore a bright red ski mask that covered the face. He then carried a martini glass, and when asked, said he was an olive looking for a dry martini...

                                            1. A vending machine! Wear all black and pin bags of snacks on your shirt. Put little price tags next to the item. If someone wants one of the items, take their money and throw the food to the floor, just like a real vending machine.

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                                              1. One of my friends once came to a Halloween party as a picnic. She had on a red-and-white checked shirt, made a hat out of a paper plate and plastic utensils, and glued tiny plastic ants to her hat and shirt and drew little ants on her face. Wrapped that up with a picnic basket and other accessories. It was great.

                                                1. It should be pretty easy to parody Alton Brown, with spiky hair and a loud shirt etc.
                                                  I wish all above suggestions had photos!

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                                                  1. re: blue room

                                                    I guess I could go as Rachael Ray, but I might get thrown out of whatever party I go to. . .maybe I could put duct tape over my mouth and be a "silent" Rachael. Now that would be popular! :-P

                                                  2. Everty year since '02, I've been stuck in the kitchen- i usually stick one of those black hoods with the mesh faces on under a toque and make a "Hello my name is FOOD POISONING" name tag.

                                                    The best food-related costume I ever expereinced was a classmate of mine back in undergrad- she went as "candy"- but not like parmalab's hilarious vending machine (I am SO stealing that!)- she was a costume design major and had a lot of experience working with fabrics- she impregnated her saucy littl ecostume with varius sweet flavors and crusted other accessories with pixie stix-sugar- most of the costume was edible.

                                                    1. You could always dress like a HAM ... like in Harper Lee's. "To Kill a Mockingbird".

                                                      1. I've got to resurrect this topic because I need ideas.

                                                        Last year I was a whisk (attached some gray foam tubing I found at the hardware store to a hat). I want to do another food-related costume at work (so it'd help if I can sit down in it) this year and am looking for even more ideas than what's listed here. yay!

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                                                          Glue smarties to an old pair of pants and you are a Smarty pants! Just don't glue them on the bum if you plan on sitting down.

                                                        2. Several years ago, guy I worked with showed up at the costume party as a bag of groceries. He took brown paper and fashioned the bag that went from about his waist/hips up (with his arms sticking out, of course). Around the neck was the top of the bag and he had all sorts of groceries shoved in. The funniest was a bunch of carrots with the greens still attached and a head of leafy romaine. His face literally just peeked out of all the groceries. He just wore jeans on the bottom, so that part was comfortable! I'm not sure how he secured the groceries at the top, but it was the hit costume of the party.

                                                          1. A friend of mine relayed this idea: save all your wine and liquor bottles. Tie them into a garland with twine, knotting around each bottle neck, to form a sort of lei of bottles. Drape the ropes of bottles over whatever - black turtleneck/black pant or a draped white sheet. What are you dressed as?

                                                            "Departed Spirits."

                                                            Cracks me up. And advertises to your friends what you've been drinking from one Halloween to the next!

                                                            1. When I was in high school, my brother and his friends (7 in total) dressed up as Lucky Charms. The pot of gold was hilarious: a shirtless guy with his chest sprayed gold, wearing a gold papier-mâché cauldron held up by suspenders.

                                                              1. We spent all hallows eve at a Spanish Tapas restaurant one year, and the staff competed for best costume. Our waiter earned our vote for the cash prize that was to be given out at the end of the night. He dressed as a small round table with his head on a silver platter. His head was surrounded by tomatoes and greens.

                                                                When he approached our table, he squatted down until his tablecloth touched the floor and his head really looked as if it were placed on the platter. I think he bought a foil platter from a party goods store and hot glued the garnish. The table might have been plastic or foam core with a hole cut for his head.

                                                                It was memorable.

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                                                                  I was a Hershey Kiss: used a hula hoop as the bottom frame for the kiss shape (around mid calf); wrapped chicken wire around it tapering to around the neck, covered it with aluminum foil. Used ribbon to hang the top over my shoulders then made a construction paper cone hat covered in more foil with the white paper ribbon coming out the top. Gray tights, turtleneck. Tough to sit, though.

                                                                  1. re: BostonZest

                                                                    The table and tablecloth actually sounds doable and not too heavy! I might try that. Thanks!

                                                                  2. A couple of years ago for my costume I cut out the letter "P" from cardboard and glittered (?) it up to make it pretty- with a string to hang around my neck. Then I blacked my eye out with halloween make up. I was a black eyed pea!

                                                                    Would be very easy to work in!

                                                                    1. my favorite halloween costume ever was in fourth grade, when I went as a massive jar of Bubbie's Dill Pickles. The top was spray painted gold, with a plastic shower curtain stapled around it; fake label and all plus me in the center, decked out in green everything and surrounded by swinging blobs of shiny giftwrap. My mother is a deity. (It was, however, horrendously impractical for sitting down in!)

                                                                      Perhaps you could go as some kind of silly layered drink? Just find clothing for each appropriate layer, and add on a frilly hat or top with an umbrella!

                                                                      1. A great costume is a boiled lobster. Red turtleneck, red shorts & leggings, and make sort of an apron/skirt for the back/lobster tail. You can use paint or a marker to outline the segments on the back.

                                                                        Make a pattern using newspaper for the claws. You'l need to cut a big oval that's pointed on one end and then folded lengthwise, attached at the elbow of the turtleneck. There may be some very simple sewing to get the angle of the claw right, and you'll need four in total, uppers & lowers for each arm. then spraypaint red.

                                                                        Add a headband and antennae, and an additional set (sets?) of legs coming off the waist, if you like.

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                                                                          Hey wait, I have oven mitts shaped like lobster claws! I can do this too.

                                                                        2. My mom was a slice of pizza one year. she got some foam from the craft store and cut a hole in the middle to put over her head. She decorated it with acrylic paint and wore all black underneath. My dad was the nerdy delivery guy carrying a pizza box.

                                                                          1. Deviled Egg: wear all white, stick a yellow oval on your shirt and some devil horns on your head.

                                                                            Black-eyed pea: black eye with makeup and a felt P on your shirt.

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                                                                              A kid came to the door one year dressed as a washing machine--big box with holes cut in the sides and top for his head and arms. Box was painted white, dials drawn on, and laundry detergent/softener containers were glued to the box. You could probably take the same idea and turn it into a stove or fridge (think of the magnets you could glue to the box!)

                                                                            2. How about dressing up as Batali with the orange clogs? Don't forget to hold a salami in your hand, and you can eat it when you get hungry later...

                                                                              1. My BF and I were thinking of doing the original chairman from Iron Chef and the little japanese actress judge. Basically raiding the thrift store for a black shirt with cheesy gold bits around the wrists, getting the hair right for him, and of course keeping bell peppers close by for demonstration when people ask what he is. Meanwhile, I just need a gold dress and to giggle with my hands in front of my mouth.

                                                                                1. I need a butter costume