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Oct 16, 2006 07:10 AM

name of that korean bbq place??

ok...don't get mad because i am going to be so vague about this place. it's on olympic and...8th? 4th? right on the corner.. before you hit vermont from coming fro the west side. they have mesquite bbq with rice paper and daikon wraps. what is the name of this place? and is it still good? thanks for your help!

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      1. Manna?

        Shik Do Rak is east of Vermont, so that probably rules that out. Soot Bull Jeep is on 8th, but they use charcoal there instead of mesquite, so that probably rules Soot Bull Jeep out.

        Manna is located at 3377 W. Olympic Blvd. on the northeast corner of a small street (Gramercy Drive), and they serve those rice paper wraps. I don't recall whether mesquite is used. Manna is always crowded and lively. If you have a big group, are looking for all-you-can-eat Korean bbq, and don't mind a little wait or noise, Manna may be a good choice for you. The quality of meat is probably better at other Korean restaurants, though (like the aforementioned Shik Do Rak and Soot Bull Jeep).

        1. hmmm, I have no idea. Olympic .... chosun galbi? but that's before Western. Olympic and Vermont is where Hodori, SoKongDong, Hannam Market are.....sorry!

          1. LOL i know exactly which one you're thinking of. was just there last night and was trying to decipher the exact same thing. it's the place at minimall opposite weinerschnitzel; the restaurant is decked out like a cave with faux rock walls. the main sign is all in korean, but my intrepid friend took a picture of the door with actual romanized text on it - Cham Sut Gol!

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              The cave with faux rock walls - are you talking about Shik Do Rak on Olmypic and Hoover?

              1. re: MeowMixx

                naw it's much west of hoover - olympic and 4th avenue. i just checked the photo - "welcome to cham sut gol." pretty good actually. maybe there was a clearance sale on faux rock walls around the time these two places went up!

              2. re: rameniac

                YESSSS!! thank you! now i can sleep.. i need to get there. what do you recommend there?