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Oct 16, 2006 05:11 AM

Mourning for the lost bacon of the month stash

My apartment fridge died it's third death in 4 years last week. Once again, I awoke to find a warm, and slightly fragrant, assortment of leftovers, tupperware, sundry frozen goods and the food for the week. Though annoying, it forces me to clean the fridge while awaiting a new one, though most of the food is just that, food. Except for my beloved stash of Bacon o' the month Club offerings.

I like bacon alot. I belong to the bacon of the month club. However, I don't eat tons of it for concern for my coronaries, but save it for special occassions- or when cooking for large groups of people to share my love (and my stash) with. I was hoarding about 4 months worth of bacon, and was contemplating a bacon tasting breakfast, when I was confronted by my warm fridge. Mind you, most of these artisanal sides of cured pork have much less preservative than your average supermarket bacon, and with no alternate source of refridgeration, about 4 pounds of salted pork had to be unceremoniously dumped in the trash.

For me this is up there with saving that chocolate Easter bunny until the dog days of summer, fighting off your friends and family, until you finally open it and find it crawling with those white moth things. All the anticipation of hickory, applewood, and even garlic bacon smokey goodness, saved for one glorious Saturday morning, gone in an instant.

My friends don't quite understand the feeling of loss. I was hoping the Chowhound community might understand.

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  1. My sincere condolences. And I am not making fun or kidding!
    But, being the fighter that I am, what can you do to replace?
    I realize this is not covered by insurance, should be but alas, I would look to replace some of this lost treasure, as we know it certainly is! A bacon tasting, wow, what a fine idea!

    1. Garlic and bacon - my God, how could two more perfect flavors unite? My sympathies. :-)

      I do enjoy bacon (usually Niman Ranch's Applewood smoked bacon), but definitely not to the extent of belong to a bacon club. But it's a fine idea!

      While it would cost some additional money, perhaps a trip to a local butcher or fine foods stores is in order to pick up varying types of bacon so you can still have a bacon tasting, albeit not quite as good as what you had anticipated.

      1. The Grateful Palate ( sponsors the "Bacon-of-the-month" club and offers most of the bacons on an a la carte basis if you want to host a multi-bacon tasting. The prices aren't outrageous, but my recollection is that the shipping costs add up fast. My condolences on your loss.

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        1. re: Richard L

          Either as an act of sheer serendipity, or from a kind soul (in-law) who took pity upon me, I received an email alert that, lo and behold, there is a UPS shipment of Bacon en route as we speak to bolster my repleted stash.

          (side note, I think I have the coolest of in-laws who pay my membership fees in the Bacon o' the Month club every year for X-mas.)

        2. My sympathies for the bacon as well, but at least your chocolate bunny didn't die a slow death of being grated over a dessert!! My little brother still hasn't forgiven my mom almost 13 years later! It just doesn't taste the same without the ears! ;-)

          1. I know how this feels, I was getting a weird smell in the garage of my house, after determining it wasnt the garbage cans I focused on my 2 month old box freezer. I opened it up, and was just about knocked off my feet by the stench. The new freezer had conked was probably down a week.....

            Items Lost:

            5 Lbs bacon
            10 Lbs Crab Legs (snow)
            4 - 10 Lb Pork roasts
            6 Whole Chickens

            It was heartbreaking to lose that crab......I had to load the freezer into my truck alone (wifes pregnant), and dump the freezer @ a local dump...

            Bacon of the month club huh....? sounds like something for me....