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Bargain Hunting at Grocery Outlet in Santa Rosa

On the hunt for more Walkers shortbread for my mom, I stopped at the Grocery Outlet in Santa Rosa today. Struck out on the cookies, but found some other good buys.

$1.49 Haagen Dazs pints of Dulce de leche ice cream, condition is fine with expiration dating in 2007, the one I opened had a big air bubble so this might be an underfilled lot

2/$1 Hain "Imagine" organic creamy corn soup or butternut squash soup, 32 oz., expiration dating 11/2006

$3.99/lb. Ile Boussierois cheese in random weight cuts, can't find any info on the web, from appearance (mottled rind) looked liked it might be similar to Morbier, Comte or Tomme de Savoie, tastes like cows milk base with grassy, nutty flavor, not as dry as Comte and has the smooth and softer texture of Morbier, no holes, moderate age and not as complex as those yet a very nice table cheese whatever it is

$1.79/quart Best Foods Mayonesa con jugo de limon, made in Canada with Spanish/English labeling, made with egg yolks (no whole eggs) and richer flavor and texture than American Hellmans/Best Foods, brighter citrusy snap and sweeter too, expiration dating the end of this month

Walker Shortbread at Grocery Outlet in Marina

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  1. Petaluma Grocery Outlet currently has Wine Block 2002 merlot that is very nice and $1.99 for a 1.5 liter box. The Wine Block chardonnay, however, is pretty awful- tasted like rotten fruit.
    That Imagine soup sure is a deal! I stocked up too.

    There was an article in the East Bay Express which featured the G.O.- part two of this article:

    ... of course I prefer to spell it "gross out"!

    1. Hey jackie! Thanks for that link. You know, I met Ken Stutz at the Chowhound book signing last year. Here's my old post recommending pulling corks in the parking lot. (G)

      Picking house label wines -

      My parents arrived today in the City, and my mom reports that the Salins branch marked down the creamy corn soup to THREE for $1. Of course, it was my least favorite of the three flavors, first being the potato and leek followed by the butternut squash.

      1. We usually just duck in to check out the wines, but one time I found a super ricotta salata at our local. I was even able to go back a couple times before they ran out. But I haven't seen it since (there, I mean). Ah, memories.

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          Glad you mentioned that, I did notice ricotta salata for $3.99/lb. at the Santa Rosa GO. But I didn't try it and don't know how good it is.

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            Hey, I'll have to check my local for it! Who knows if it's the same brand (this was a few years ago), but it's worth checking out. Thanks!

        2. Love, love, love the Groc Out. I just moved a few blocks from the Oakland one & I spend an inordinate amount of time there (read: sometimes multiple times a day & all the employees know my name).

          1. If you see someone loaded up with Belgian ales at the Oakland Grocery Outlet, it may well be me. Also, sometimes they have a packaged fat-free feta cheese (Athena brand?)which is the best fat-free cheese I've ever had and which I've never seen any place else.

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              Just curious, which Belgian ales did you find? My GO in Redwood City doesn't have any. I'm always on the look out for Belgian beers!

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                I think that they were called Angelique Belgian Ale and Diabolique Belgian Ale in a 28 oz. bottle with a cork and wire cage cap. They were $2.99 each. I saw them at the Oakland store on Broadway near 28th Street and also the Berkeley store on 4th Street under the University Ave. bridge. I have often seen Belgian ales at these stores. I think that they also have carried Russian beers, Pyramid Brewery microbrews ($3.99/6-pack), Goose Island beers from Chicago and various hefewiezens from Oregon.

                here's a link to a review of the Belgian Ales from Andelot Brewery:

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                  Thanks Zippo!
                  My GO had them about 2 months ago. I just wanted to make sure I didn't miss out on anything!! I tried the Russian beers-NASTY!

            2. Yes, I love both the Belgian ales & the fat-free feta (say that 3 times fast). We may have to battle it out next time both are in stock:) The cheese actually freezes/defrosts really well, so I normally get a bunch.

              1. You didn't notice any Larry Mahan canned chili, did you?

                I think they carry Walker's at Long's Drugs.

                1. OK, the boxed wines finally drove me to the San Pablo Grocery Outlet. No boxed wines here, but I was really impressed. I'm not so into bargain stores because I hate shopping, especially treasure hunt places like Trader Joe's where the stock is always changing. When I shop I want the same things in the same places so it is an easy in and out.

                  First of all the SP store is clean and not cluttered. It doesn't feel dusty like most of these places.

                  Then there is A LOT of organic things at absurdly inexpensive prices.

                  I even picked up three new brands of canned sardines, two at 39 cents and one at 50 cents. I also snagged a can of smoked scallops for 99 cents. I've never seen canned smoked scallops before.

                  Has anyone tried that whole bean Rio Grande coffee for $3.99 lb? There's also a machine to grind it.

                  They had pieces of Circle Sea smoked salmon for $1.49 a piece.

                  No Walkers at this location either though.

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                    Rio Grande coffee is one of the best deals in town. I regularly buy the French Roast in whole bean form. The beans aren't roasted as evenly as, say, Peet's or some of the higher-end brands. (In fact, I tend to be more of a Peet's girl in terms of my likes, but I'm such a caffeine freak I can't afford the bushels of Peet's I need to support my coffee habit.) Instead I buy Rio Grande, freshly grind each batch and use a coffee press. Once brewed the coffee is tasty, fairly rich and smooth; definitely a good value.

                    1. re: luxarles

                      Thanks. Any particular bean you like best?

                      1. re: rworange

                        I always go with French Roast, haven't tried the others.

                  2. Le Bousserois is an odd cheese. I looked up the farm, Ferme de la Tremblaye (http://www.fermedelatremblaye.com) and it's in Ile de France, right around Paris. Definitely w/o AOC. The cheeses listed don't include a Bousserois but include soft cheeses like Camembert and interestingly a tomme de chevre.