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Oct 16, 2006 04:39 AM

Soooo Good It Makes You Sick/Need to Avoid???

What do you (try to) refrain (and occasionally "cheat") from eating or drinking that you absolutely love to have but can't because of an allergy, reaction, illness, bad memory, bad association or something of that vein?

For me, I love pork and spare ribs but I gave it up for religious observances. Also love fruit drinks, particularly apple juice based ones but I have some sort of allergic reaction (hard to breath kind)a few minutes after drinking. Love coffee but restrict to one cup a week--tend to get a migraine if I drink too often.

Once had a horrendous 24hr stomach virus and thought I was recovered until I ate popcorn a few days later at the movies. I haven't really been able to enjoy popcorn since.

What's your "poison"?

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  1. Corn crackerbread, orangina, batter (covered fish fingers and onion rings - as opposed to breadcrumbed ones) *homemade batter is fine)

    Of which the first two are the ones I miss then sneak, and every time full torso (including back) itchy rash. My money is on additives because let's face it, they're all fairly plastic!

    1. Fried chicken... will NEVER be able to eat it again! About four months ago in my 4 or 5th month of pregnancy, I had a craving... Got so violently ill that I will NEVER be able to even look at it again... I think my little boy has been showing me pre-natally that he likes healthier foods... been pretty much stuck to that way of eating throughout...

      It is too bad because, though extremely fattening, it is (was) a great "cheat". Bisquits, gravy, mashed...YUM!

      Also, gin...cannot smell it, let alone drink it... high school memories LOL

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        Fried chicken, especially something like Popeye's or KFC, also makes my husband violently, violently ill. I thought he was kidding when he used to tell me we really didn't want to make a roadtrip stop at one of those places, until the day I convinced him it must have been a one time thing and wouldn't happen again...a mistake I won't make twice!

        It is sad, because fried chicken is a favorite guilty pleasure of mine. Indeed, one of the finest meals I can ever remember eating centered around fried chicken (hubby wasn't in the picture then...)

        1. re: susancinsf

          I feel your pain...I am not sure if I will be about to try it again after the baby comes (the incident was a bit scary for me) but I am hopeful. It is truly a tremendous loss, we love a good splurge on fried chicken...

          And to laur76...I would not even attempt it again. LOL Not worth it (I am a martini and wine girl now - when not pregnant) like the above mentioned vice!

        2. re: Michele4466

          definately STILL have those gin, highschool memories.. can't be near it.

        3. Well, this isn't my story, but my husband's. When he was a kid, back in the late 50s, he was sent by his mom to the bakery to buy a dozen charlotte russes for dessert. Apparently easily distracted from the mission at hand, he loitered the afternoon away after picking them up and, over the course of the next hour or so, ate every single one of them. He was appropriately - and deservedly - sick as a result and has, to this day, never eaten another charlotte russe. He actually pales if anyone mentions them.

          1. greasy chinese food or battered fried food.

            turns out I have a bit of IBS "sensitive pipes" syndrome. Most everyone does.

            To this day I can't eat oily food--ick.

            alli patts--are you alergic to corn perhaps?

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            1. re: toodie jane

              nope, can eat corn tortillas fine, along with corn (maize) flours, no problem at all so I don't think it's that.

            2. Red jello with whipped cream. Since I was a kid. I had a high fever and my mom gave the jello to me, with the whipped cream on top At that moment, I must have had the fever spike, and something tipped me over the edge as she served me this desert which made it very unappealing and sickening.

              To this day - there is something about that particular color combination which makes me instantly woozy. I love all red jellos and love whipped cream but NOT together!