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Oct 16, 2006 04:09 AM


Has anyone eaten here before? I went Friday night at Jax Beach and thought the ahi was great, the drinks were very strong, appetizer was decent. I know its a chain, and was wondering if anyone had any comments.

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  1. I'm usually very pleased with the Roy's in Orlando. After five years, they changed chefs about 4 months ago, and the new guy is just as good in his way as the former chef.

    My biggest complaint about the Roy's I have been in is the noise level.
    The open kitchen, high ceilings and hard surfaces all contribute to a painfuly loud level. I have found some tables in the back that are a bit quieter, however, and that helps.

    Seafood is always very fresh, thanks to Outback buying power, and the spicing and presentations are delightful.


    1. Yeah it was very very loud when we went in Jax beach.

      1. We ate at Roy's at Jax Beach once - thought it was mediocre and overpriced. Thought the same of the original restaurant in Hawaii too. Robyn

        1. I've been to Roy's in Maui, Dallas and Orlando and enjoyed all three locales; the food was consistently good.

          1. We've eaten at the one in Tampa twice. The first time we ate there, we had a gift certificate for $100 and still managed to spend an additional $100 on top of it, but we really did enjoy the food, ESPECIALLY the butter fish! We went there most recently in July with the "in-laws," and those who ordered from the pre-fixe menu were very disappointed with their entrees as they tasted as if they had been sitting around for hours waiting to be served (ala Olive Garden).

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              You said our biggest disappointment with Roy's: the fish is not served warm. We went to the one in Bonita Springs last year and recently tried the one in Naples. It's too bad because the butterfish and ono (wahoo)and the sauces tasted very, very good. Nonetheless, Roy's souffle is to die for!