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Oct 16, 2006 03:55 AM

Name of Greek Place off Franklin Street in the 80's/90's?

There used to be a greek place on the corner across from schoolkid's, opposite the post office. Next to where Hector's is now. Er, Chapel Hill, this is.

We used to eat there in high school and then until it closed while we were in college. Cheap, cheap cheap and with a cup of coffee and a plate of fries or bowl of french onion soup, you could sit all evening and the owners didn't care. They sat in the back booth reading greek newspapers. I miss the woman who used to run the place.

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  1. there was marathon down where chapel hill meets carrboro... as far as where hector's is now--maybe sadlacks? but i think that that was where linda's upstairs is now, not where hector's is. i've lived here almost all my life, save for a few years from 94-97 and 99-02, and i'm trying to remember when hector's wasn't there. it was hector's when they had that fire in 92 or 93... *shrug* chapelwill!!!! any help here?

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        Mariakakis was the only place I could afford to dine out when I was in grad school. We'd get the fantastic flat bread or pizza plus a pitcher of beer and the whole bill was about $5 in 1985. I had so many great times there -- thanks, everyone, for the memory. (But sorry to derail the original question...)

      2. The place had to be Leo's. The same family had a place on Hillsborough St. in Raleigh called the Golden Key. Mrs. Caporal was a real pistol of a lady.

        1. Isn't Mariakakis off 15-501 in the shopping center?
          It was next to the building where Hector's is now - not the same building. Down the street about one or 2 doors. They had booths along the windows that were dark wood, and the bathroom was downstairs.
          I don't remember it being called Leo's. The woman who almost always waited on us was in her early 50's maybe, and had frizzy dark hair with grey in it. She was a real personality. It's possible that they had another place in Raleigh, that does sound familiar.

          1. Leo's was farther down Franklin Street, almost to Carrboro.