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Oct 16, 2006 03:30 AM

Hawaiian Restaurants-Any Reports of Quake Damage?

Anyone hear of any restaurants damaged by the big quake just off of the big island?

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  1. As of right now nothing reported. However the Big Island is still be inspected. Nothing serious on Oahu.

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      I'm on the Big Island right now. Got there Sunday, after a little wait on the airport tarmac for a gate and then for some airstairs (no power, so no jetways), then a wait for the Kona airport to get the OK to open (I was only 3 hours late). I'm staying at the Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel. It has some cosmetic damage - big stucco cracks, some decorative masonry fell, fire sprinklers went off in some places. But, structurally OK.
      Couldn't eat anywhere Sunday - no power on Oahu, and we got to the Big Island around 9pm and everyplace we drove past was closed. Monday night, we ate at the Kawaihae Harbor Grill. I had the always good Thai-style steamed fish. They only had fresh Mahi that day. The husband had the seafood curry. Both were good. They had a special salad that night that we both ordered, greens with 3 large grilled spicy shrimp, with strawberries and papaya and a lillokoi balsamic dressing. A good meal, and the bill for 2 of us (one beer and one smoothie, too) was $100. Typical. Tuesday night, we ate at Cafe Pesto in Kawaihae. I had my usual favorite small portion of seafood risotto. It had a half lobster tail, 2 large scallops, 2 large shrimp, and a good size chunk of mahi in it. It also had a little sweet chili cream sauce added to it. The husband had the BBQ chicken calzone - he always likes it. We did the apple crisp for dessert, nice and hot, not too sweet, with mac nuts and a big scoop of a good vanilla ice cream. I'm not sure what the bill was last night, but it was probably close to $70.
      Tonight, we're going to Merriman's (in fact, in about an hour!).

      We haven't heard of any problems with the structures of any restaurants on the Big Island. The big deal was getting inspected if there was any damage, and the possibility of having to throw out food if there was no power. But, the food spoilage issue was much greater on Oahu. I know that the Hapuna Beach Hotel did a big BBQ for all the guests Sunday so they didn't have to wander out. There was some rocks and boulders on the highway where it cut into hillsides, so I imagine it took a little time to clear that - when we drove from the airport to Hapuna, it was brushed to the sides. The north route between Waimea and Hilo is closed indefinitely with one bridge out, so the southern route is the only way, which makes a day trip to Hilo a pretty long one.

      Don't let the earthquake keep you from coming! For tourists, everything is quickly getting back to "normal".

      1. re: scabbardgirl

        I thought I'd add to my reply, based on the last 2 days.
        Merriman's is just fine. Turning out it's usual exceptional dinners. My husband didn't even blink at the $185 tab for the 2 of us with one appetizer, one salad, one soup, 2 entrees (the wok-charred ahi and the leg of lamb with gazpacho sauce), 1 dessert, 1 coffee and 2 of the special wine flights (a good deal at $18.95 for 5 2oz pours). The timing of the meal was good, and we never felt rushed.
        Earlier in the day, we drove up to Waimea to go to the local KTA market (the one in Waikoloa Village was not yet open due to more earthquake cleanup). Saw that Daniel Thiebaut's was open. There were 2 tour busses there, with the occupants all going into the restaurant for lunch.
        Last night, we were just worn out from playing golf in the afternoon (lots of humidity, no tradewinds). Didn't feel like driving much of anywhere for dinner, so we went up to Kawaihae for dinner at Tres Amigos. Now, it's not the best place in the world, actually pretty mediocre food. BUT, it has Negro Modelo beer, decent chips, hot sauce, and pretty large mahimahi tacos. When we're tired of "resort food" at "resort prices", we always end up at this place. I'm surprised that none of the places in Kawaihae were damages - the cargo piers across the road were all heavily damaged. One is back open, one may open in a week or so, the other one may have to be rebuilt. But, that little strip mall of Kawaihae where Harbor Grill, Seafood Bar, Cafe Pesto, and Tres Amigos is survived jut fine.