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Oct 16, 2006 03:18 AM

where to eat in Kelseyville?

Will be in Clear Lake area, probably Kelseyville for just a lunch stop. I know there probably isn't anywhere grand, but maybe there is a hidden gem? Do you know where to get a decent meal, sandwiches, soups and salads are fine?

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  1. There is a GEM! The Saw Shop on the main street of Kelseyville. Run a search through earlier threads and there was a fairly long discussion of this place.

    1. But, it only opens at 3pm. Sigh Sorry.

      We've had good meals at the Tee Shop at the golf course just outside Kelseyville.

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      1. re: Bob Foster

        O.K., will try the Tee Room cause 3p.m. is too late for this trip, but maybe next time. Thanks for the tips.

      2. The Tee Room only serves dinner too. It's a pretty good place but out of the way as a lunch stop. There are a few decent choices for lunch. Marcie's Grill, Studabakers Deli and The Live Oak Grill.

        They all have good lunch specials.

        If you are going further North, in Upper Lake there is a new Gem the "Blue Wing Saloon."