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Oct 16, 2006 02:56 AM

Solana Beach: Black Horse Grille Becoming Market Restaurant

Had dinner again at the Black Horse Grill in Solana Beach just east of I-5 on Via de la Valle. As noted in an earlier posts it is superb. We stated with a ham and bean soup that was rich, filled with complex flavor and lots of veggies. the perfect started for a cool Southern California evening. For the main course we had a medley of buffalo prepared in different ways. (I hadn't had buffalo since the days of the Buffalo Ranch in what is now Irvine-I hated it then but I loved it now.)

Larter this month they are closing for three days for remodeling and will reopen as the Market Restaurant indicating that the menu will change based on wht was best at the markets that day.

This is a must visit place for Chowhounds. I have no $$ interest, I'm just a fan.

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  1. We live nearby, and dropped into Blackhorse a month ago, expecting to order our usual hamburger and bottle of zin. The restaurant has been taken over by the chef at Arterra (the name escapes me).

    The menu has been completely retooled. We had a wonderful tomato soup (broth based) with Chino's vegtables and very good short ribs. Of course, our dinner was $140 instead of $80.

    My hope is that the final product for Market Restaurant will end up being a nieghborhood place with high quality and value, rather than another pricey alternative to Pamplemousse, Mille Fleur and Blanca.

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      I think it would be good if there would be more higher-end restaurants in SD. It depends of course how you define "neighborhood places" but I think there are many in SD (especially if you include all ethnic cuisines) but not enough upscale restaurants.

    2. This is our "new" favorite in town. Chef Carl Schroeder was the chef who left Arterra to open this new place. The cusine and staff are all first class.

      Try it!!!