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Oct 16, 2006 02:33 AM

Ginger/Spice Liquer Recipe needed!

I'm in need of a Gingery-Spicy-christmasy Liquer Recipe. I have made it a habit to give my friends homemade foodstuffs for Christmas- Last year was Thai Styled Sweet Chili Sauce. My experiement earlier this year with a homemade Strawberry Liquer was so successful that I thought of the Ginger would be a fantastic idea for Christmas. However, all the recipes I've came across seem too heavy on the Ginger side and not enough on the spice side - I'm kinda looking to make Liquid Gingerbread...

So, Any ideas?

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  1. This year we're blending homemade schnapps ( for Christmas presents. We just put our ginger on so the recipe isn't done yet, but as it stands we are blending:

    black pepper
    orange zest

    The spice of the cloves and pepper really hits the back of your throat - great for winter colds!

    1. I'll bet you could adapt TalkOfTomatoes' recipe for gingersnap-infused simple syrup into something for infused vodka / schnapps. The ingredients would be lovely in a liqueur.

      Here's the thread - you'll notice my post raving about the wonderful spice flavors: