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best bolognese

need some recs for my fave italian dish...any suggestions hounds?

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  1. The best bolognese is the one you make at home using Marcella Hazan's recipe. It's really easy, just takes a long time to simmer (3+ hours).

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      I was wondering if I should make her recipe or Giuliano Bugialli's. Based on your recommendation, I think that I'll try Marcella's.

    2. La Buca has an excellent and very traditional Bolognese. It is just lovely on their gnocci.

      The place has had it's detractors lately and I am concerned about what will happen when they expand. If you think of it as a very good local Italian joint and stick to the pizzas, pastas and salads it can't be beaten in LA.

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        I just had their Bolognese on Tues; I liked it a lot but it wasn't quite perfect. But still, I would gladly eat it.

      2. Be sure, though, to use the version that appears in "Classic" rather than in "Essentials."

        1. I love M.Hazan's version, but with the addition of a bit of chopped pancetta & chopped chicken livers before adding the meat, which should be ground fresh.

          1. The bolognese at Spumoni in Sherman Oaks is excellent. I don't normally like bolognese, but theirs is excellent. I sometimes get it over their gnocchi, which is usually very good.

            I'm a little confused about whether that restaurant is connected with the chain in Santa Monica and Stevenson Ranch. The Sherman Oaks location is listed on the chain's website, but the menu is a little different (it doesn't have the gnocchi bar) and the chain does not look like it has the mom-and-pop feel of the Sherman Oaks restaurant, which has its own website: http://www.spumonirestaurant.com/

            1. You might try the Rigatoni Bolognese at Magnolia which I really like.

              1. the one at LA SCALA is by far the BEST!! so good!

                1. I love Antica's version but I also add a little bit of balsamic vinegar to it.

                  1. thank u for all the wonderful replies, we are going to definitely check out all the suggestions and made a killer one at home, some people seem to be mentioning a recipe of some sort, where can i find this recipe you guys speak of? thanks so much i think we're headed to la scala tonight to taste!

                    1. I was wondering the same thing so I googled, below is the receipe --!


                      1. Shoot me for saying it, but Cheebo on Sunset does a meat sauce that is not bad at all. Maybe not classic bolognese, but Cheebo is not classic (that would be Cibo)