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[DFW] New Asian Market in Carrollton

Just letting everyone know that the new Asian grocer on the southeast corner of Frankford & Josey in Carrollton opened last weekend. Carrollton Plaza Supermarket is a large market (bigger than May Hua in Plano). Most of the items seem to be geared towards Vietnamese cuisine, but the selection is large. Doesn't have as many bakery items as May Hua but has a nice selection of fresh seafood.

Hopefully new Asian restaurants will open soon around the supermarket (as this is usually the case). I had a rather unremarkable bowl of pho at Bon Mua Vietnamese Cuisine in that same shopping center (currently the only Asian restaurant there).

Also worth noting is that Asia World (off of Greenville in Richardson, same shopping center as Jen Chi & Genroku) has closed.

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  1. Thanks for the heads-up, donnaaries.

    1. I noticed that all the Richardson markets are closed. There is an Indo Pak, but it is much more west Asian food focused. Other than Hong Kong Market on Walnut and the Plano market, are there any others left?

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        There's a new grocery being built on the corner of Independence and 15th (Plano). It's in the same shopping center as Pho Que Hoang and Jinmi. Not sure about when exactly it's supposed to open, though.

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          There is one that is closed but is in the process of being remodeled at 15th and Independence in Plano. Looks like it's a few weeks away from reopening.

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            The old Asia World is being remodeled and will reopen under new owners, which I believe have Chinese grocery stores in CA.

            The Asia World store was planning to move north along 75 - is that what is being built on Independence and 15th? My knowledge north of Arapaho gets fuzzy.

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              There's an "Asia World Market" or something like that @ 75 and Legacy (SW corner) which I haven't been to yet. It's about a month old.

          2. Thanks for the tip. As luck would have it, I had to drive up to Carrollton last night on other business and ended up about a mile from Carrollton Plaza Supermarket. Spent about an hour there and had a great time. Looks like they aren't fully stocked yet, but I did find some interesting items I hadn't seen before at other Asian markets, and some of their prices on kitchenware are the best I've ever seen. I picked up a pow wok, a ladle, and a sticky-rice steamer pot and basket for cheap. Too far away for regular visits, though.


            1. KOMART. The cleanest and freshest asian market in Dallas. Geared towards Koreans more than so, but you see Chinese and Vietnamese people shopping there as well. The deli inside offers one-hell-of-a five dollar menu. Royal and 1-35. two block west of 35 on royal ln.

              1. The wife and I shopped there last night and where astonished at the great prices for Meat and Seafood. It's a must for all foodies.

                1. Visited the new grocery store in the old Asia World last week which I believe is called "Tian Tian". After the lengthy remodeling I was anxious to see it. The front is now lined with tiny shops selling a variety of Asian wares. They were still stocking food stuffs and I only went through it briefly, but I was somewhat disaapointed in the layout and the fact that the seafood section smell could be detected throughout the store.

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                    "the seafood section smell could be detected throughout the store."

                    I've yet to go to an Asian market that isn't like that!

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                      Yes, I was at Tian Tian for the first time today and was disappointed in the small selection. Though cleaner than Asian World, it doesn't provide the range as the other Asian grocers in town.

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                        Hi any one can tell me where i can get fresh fish like cat fish in Dallas region
                        I am new to this area

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                          Super H Mart in Carrollton (NWC of Pres George Bush Tollway & Old Denton Rd)

                          Saigon Mall in Rcihardson/Garland (NEC of Belt Line & Jupiter)

                          Asia World Market in Plano (SEQ of Hwy 75 (Central Expwy) & Legacy Dr)

                          Not sure where you are located but that is a start. Let us know what city you are so we can point you in the right direction

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                            You can get live catfish and talaipa at the Fiesta Market at Parker and Ave K in Plano.