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Oct 16, 2006 01:13 AM

Pan de Muertos, Mexican bakery in SW CT?

Greetings, everyone. Do any of you know a source for pan de muertos, the bread traditionally served on the Day of the Dead? Perhaps a good Mexican bakery in these parts (Stamford to Bridgeport)? I'd like to try the pan and would also like to find some sugar skulls, or at least some molds to make my own. Thanks for any advice.

In exchange, here's my tip for a book on papel picado, the intricate cut-paper craft of Mexico. (Papel picado is used a lot around El Dia de Los Muertos time.) The children's picture book book is called "Magic Windows/Ventanas Magicas," by Carmen Lomas Garza. I have nothing to do with the publisher nor do I know the author; I just like the book!


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  1. There is a new Mexican bakery on Rt. 123 in Norwalk in the building that's in front of the A&S Fine Foods. They might have it.

    1. and there's another new one at 218 East Avenue, just south of Exit 16 I-96 "Panadaria Los Portales" by the same owners of the taco shop down the street (Fort Point)

      1. in stamford, you can find some at panaderia chapines, a guatemalen bakery on West Main. Dia de los muertes is celebrated in guatemala too, with many of the same breads.

        1. The place on Rte. 123 is Panaderia El Sueno, by the way. I love the tacos on Fort Point Street!

          1. Thank you for the recommendations, everyone. I stopped by Los Portales Panaderia Mexicana today, and bought two pans de muerto. One was decorated with some sesame seeds; another, larger one was sprinkled with sugar. The first one was still warm--tasty and only slightly sweet. I ate it on the way home! I'm saving the sugared one to share with my son. The panaderia will have them again tomorrow. I'm hoping to try one of the other bakeries that were mentioned, too. Los Portales did not have the sugar skulls if you're looking for those.

            Los Portales Panaderia Mexciana
            218 East Avenue (at Fort Point St.)
            Norwalk, CT 854-9277

            Thanks again.