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Oct 16, 2006 12:25 AM

Sushi resaurant recommendations needed

We will be in SF around Thanksgiving and would like to find a really good sushi restaurant. We are staying at the Hilton on O'Farrell Street. Walking would be great but we have a car so distance isn't a real factor. Any spot with nice atmosphere would be preferred.

Thanks in advance chowhounds!

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  1. I'm a big big fan of tokyo go go ( on 16th and Guerrero. Great service, sushi chefs are happy to set a menu for you, and a killer selection of sakes, with knowledgeable bar tenders to help you pick, or go for the sampler flight.

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      One hint for Tokyo Go Go: sit at the bar in front of Sam. He's the tall thin Chinese sushi chef and will probably be wearing a baseball hat. He is excellent; other sushi chefs there are not.

    2. I would recommend Ino Sushi in San Francisco Japantown for down home traditional authentic nigiri sushi. Setting is not fancy but is intimate and replicates that feeling of eating sushi in certain parts of Japan. However Japantown has been known to close during Thanksgiving (at least the shopping areas in the main plaza) and I think quite a few restaurants do as well. Best to call ahead to make sure places are open regardless of where you end up going.